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YouTube Millionaires: Mr. Beast Makes A Shocking 7 Figure Income Each Month

Find out how much exactly Mr. Beasts net worth is in 2022.

Mr. Beast

Mr. Beast, also known as Jimmy Donaldson is one of the most famous and successful YouTube personalities.

At just aged 13, he began posting videos to his channel at the time MrBeast6000 , typically focusing on playing video games and equatting the wealth of other YouTubers (how things have changed!).

After one of this videos went viral in 2017, Mr. Beast began his career and built his multi-million dollar empire.

Rolling Stone spent some time with the YouTube sensation last year, and described to readers some of his other fantastic achievements:

“Over the course of less than a decade, Donaldson has gone from making gaming-commentary videos in his bedroom to managing 60 full-time employees, not counting independent contractors. He has launched various high-profile philanthropic projects, such as the #TeamTrees campaign, in which he set a goal to plant 20 million trees all over the world after raising $20 million in donations; and #TeamSeas, which aims to remove 30 million pounds of trash from the ocean.”

Mr. Beast was declared the Highest-earning YouTuber of 2021 by Forbes last year, as he earned around $54 million dollars from multiple income sources, such as, advertising and sponsorships, in addition to video games and clothes.

Mr. Beast networth in 2022

Currently, it has been stated that his networth in 2022 is well over $56 million, with his monthly income being a minimum of $1 million dollars.

Bear in mind, he is just 23!

Mr. Beast has become a master of expensive stunts and has been hugely famous for those videos.

In one video, he explained how he invests as much as $300,000 per video, taken from the majority of his video earnings, back into the production of new content for fans.

His mantras to YouTube success

“I woke up, I studied YouTube, I studied videos, I studied filmmaking, I went to bed and that was my life,” Donaldson recalled during an interview.

“I want to be the biggest YouTube channel ever. Not even for my ego. It just gives me something to strive for, to get out of bed and grind for.”

Credit: YouTube – Mr. Beast on the Joe Rogan Podcast explaining his success story

Mr. Beast Channels

As of now, Donaldson has 7 different YouTube channels, with a combined 200+ million subscribers.

  • Beast Reacts
  • MrBeast Gaming
  • MrBeast Shorts
  • MrBeast 2
  • Beast Philanthropy
  • Don’t Subscribe
  • MrBeast Extra

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