01.04 2017 13:13h

5 Social Media Pranks That Went Too Far

Who doesn’t like a good prank? These victims, probably
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5. Don’t Mess with The Dog…
A woman from the Czech Republic, Dominika was pranked by her boyfriend Erik (a known YouTube prankster), but he messed up big time. His big idea was to convince her that her cherished dog accidentally got caught in a washing machine. Dominika, it would seem, did not see the funny side. As a riposte of sorts, she later convinced Erik that she had a surprise for him, once he blindfolded himself and takes off all his clothes. Then Dominika got Erik to sit down on a chair with a high-grade waxing strip on the seat. Needless to say, when Erik got up it was an excruciating amount of pain. And it was all documented on YouTube...

4. Tough To Swallow

A perfect prank requires intense attention to detail, dedication, maintaining a façade flawlessly, and patience. This person did six months of work just to cause people the minor discomfort of eating Playdoh when in fact they thought it chewing gum. If it wasn’t funny this person would be declared legally insane. Luckily it is funny and this person deserves a medal. While this mad genius didn’t get a physical medal, they did get over 1.1 million hits on Imgur after posting this prank to Facebook.

3. The Cat’s Out of The Bag…And In the Microwave

This prank made its rounds on Pinterest. Someone had taped a picture of a cat on the inside of a microwave. I can’t imagine that’s the smartest prank to pull in an office. Rule number one of pranks…do not mess with people’s pets. Just ask Erik.

2. The Death Stunt

Roman Atwood, another world-renowned YouTube prankster, has a reputation for always pushing the envelope. He pushed this one perhaps a step too far when he faked the death of his son by making it look like the child blew up while riding a four-wheeler.  Millions of Atwood’s viewers seemed to enjoy the prank (over 40 million views), yet for some reason, his girlfriend did not find it as funny.   If you and your partner have an anniversary coming up, please note these are horrible ideas for a surprise.

1. The GOT Spoiler

We can see how the first three might have traces of humor, but this is plain mean? It's not even really a prank. A couple of years ago, a maths teacher in Belgium, in an attempt to make his class behave, threatened to reveal forthcoming plot twists in HBO mega-popular series Game of Thrones. And how did he convince his class he knew what was coming in the show before they did? “I've read all the books. If there is too much noise, I write the name of the dead characters on the board.” The threat of the pseduo-prank was enough to get the kids working harder than ever, though, and after getting picked up by Mashable this act of cruelty boasts over 60 k shares.


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