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#BookTok is Now Having 24-Hour Readathons – Here’s How To Host Your Own!

#booktok reading for 24 hours straight – too much or too exciting!

#BookTok’s Newest Creation – Readathon

BookTok, Bookstagram, and even reading-specific social applications like Goodreads have all helped individuals discover their favorite books — as well as connect book lovers with reading pals. BookTok has long been a popular platform for creatives to discuss book suggestions. And now, BookTok has developed to offer new and unusual ways to enjoy your books, such as a 24-hour readathon.

Readathon videos have recently taken the app by storm, and hashtags like #readathon and #readingvlog indicate that hundreds of individuals are tackling the challenge, often with their book besties at their side. A 24-hour readathon challenges you and your friends to read as much as possible in 24 hours without distractions. (Except for basics such as eating, sleeping, and using the restroom, of course).

Creators that participate in this challenge have several goals: Some want to test how many pages they can read; others want to disconnect from their phones and computers and relax with a good book. Whatever the cause, if all the videos you’ve seen of these events have inspired you, here are some recommendations for hosting your own 24-hour readathon.

Shop in Advance

@laurendisanto Def recommend doing a 24-hour readathon!! 📖✨ so fun #booktok#readingvlog#readathon @kendall_disanto @abigail ranieri ♬ keep abortion legal – swb 🪩💕

You’ll be doing a lot of reading, so make sure to choose novels that interest you. Take a trip to Barnes & Noble or your favorite local bookshop and select a few novels that will keep you entertained for the entire day. If you’re with friends, it might be amusing to choose the same book or read one that someone else has already read so you can debate all the juicy plot details.

Stock up on snacks

If you intend to stay up for the entire 24 hours, you’ll probably need some sustenance (and possibly caffeine) to keep you going. Even if you plan on taking naps, everyone needs snacks! Take a trip to the grocery store and pick out food that’s already cooked or snacks that are already prepared so you don’t have to waste any time making food or drinks while you read.

Find the Optimal Cozy Space

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You’ll want to have your readathon somewhere large enough that everyone in your group can be comfortable. As long as the weather is favorable, you can add pillows and blankets to your living room couch or locate a spot outside to sit in pool chairs or hammocks. Decorate the environment to match the mood – burn candles, dim the lights, or play quiet instrumental music from your TV or computer to create a relaxing atmosphere for reading.


Schedule Breaks in Advance

You get to choose how intensive your readathon will be: do you want to read a book straight through for as long as possible, or do you want to take short breaks every few hours? Decide what you want to do ahead of time so you may set alarms and reminders for yourself to stop resting and resume reading.

Your Outfit MATTERS!

You’ll most likely be sitting or lying down for a long time while reading, so choose clothing that will keep you comfortable for the duration. Consider what else you plan to do during the day. For example, if you want to go for a stroll while listening to an audiobook, be sure to wear solid walking shoes. Happy reading!

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