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Fitness Influencer Massy Arias’ 5 Tips on How To Get Yourself to the Gym 

Want to get that summer body but need that extra motivation? Read through Influencer Massy Arias’ tips

Massy Arias

Massy Arias, widely known for her inspiring fitness journey and dynamic online presence, is a prominent fitness influencer and certified personal trainer. Born in the Dominican Republic, Arias moved to the United States during her teenage years and built a large following on social media platforms, where she shares her workout routines, fitness tips, and motivational content.

She has collaborated with numerous brands and launched her own fitness programs, such as the popular #MA30Day challenge. This program emphasizes efficient workouts that combine strength training and cardio, allowing participants to achieve significant results in a short period.

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Shorten your cardio sessions

Arias avoids lengthy cardio sessions, instead opting for a mix of weight training and cardio. “My exercise routine changes from time to time,” she shared with Women Fitness. “I weight train my lower and upper body twice a week and perform yoga three times a week to increase flexibility and core strength. I love combining my weight training days with cardio. This approach led to the development of my #Ma30day program and helps me stay in great shape year-round.”

Control your endorphin rush

For Arias, regular exercise is crucial for mental as well as physical wellbeing. “Exercise releases endorphins that make you feel good,” she told ClicheMag. “It keeps me grounded, focused, and excited about life. I constantly find new ways to stay active, meet new people, and explore new places. My days are filled with positive energy, making fitness my escape to a happy place.”

The influencer is always looking for new ways to raise her endorphins and add some excitement to her routines with new challenges to follow and new tricks to try out. Therefore, try fusing excitement with working out to keep you motivated.

Don’t strive for perfection, strive for progress

Arias advises focusing on progress rather than perfection. “If you are out of shape, start walking.” “Walking will turn into jogging, then running, and eventually sprinting. Your body adapts to the stress you put it through. Don’t get discouraged because you are not at your desired level yet. Striving for progress keeps you positive, as you aim to become a better version of yourself every day. Don’t quit just because you’re not progressing as fast as you expected.” Therefore, start slow and your pace will pick itself up with time.

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Have fun with the journey

Arias’s fitness journey began as a way to combat depression during her teenage years. “I started exercising to beat depression and fell in love with the lifestyle. With no background in training or sports, I had to teach myself everything. Exercise gave me such a positive ‘rush’ that I wanted to learn more and do more. As I progressed physically, I shared my journey with others, eventually becoming certified and leading my first bootcamp class. Realizing the positive impact I could have on others fueled my passion for fitness even more.”

Massy Arias continues to inspire her followers with her dedication and genuine passion for fitness, encouraging everyone to push through their limits and find joy in their fitness journeys.

Follow a pescatarian diet to maintain your progress

As an extra tip to get you moving and motivated for the gym, consider following a pescatarian diet, as advised by Arias. “My diet is very diverse,” she explains, “I incorporate all food groups to avoid feeling deprived and to stay focused. Balance is key. I treat myself to things I love, like cookies and cupcakes, but follow a regulated diet 90% of the time.

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According to Arias, “Transitioning to a more plant-based/pescatarian lifestyle has made me feel rejuvenated. I start my day with a ‘protein latte’ since leg day requires energy and working out on an empty stomach is not advisable.”

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