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Blogger and influencer Lynne Gabriel’s 3-Step Guide on Organizing Your Vanity 

Want to reorganize your vanity but don’t know where to start? Check out this guide by Lynne Gabriel

Looking to revamp your makeup vanity? Influencer and blogger Lynne Gabriel Caine shares her top tips to get your beauty space in order.

Here’s Lynne’s simple, three-step guide to organizing your vanity:

Lay out everything you have

According to blogger and influencer Lynne Gabriel, you should always begin organizing your vanity by taking a comprehensive look at all your cosmetics. Lay everything out on the floor or a large surface so you can see exactly what you have. This will help you determine the types and quantities of organizers you’ll need.

Pro Tip: Creating a list of your items can also prevent you from missing anything when you start organizing.

Categorize all products

Once everything is laid out, Lynne says you should sort your products into categories. Group similar items together, such as lipsticks, lip glosses, mascaras, and eyeliners. Likewise, gather eyeshadows, blushes, and compact powders. Organize your items based on their type and frequency of use.

Pro Tip: If space is limited, consider using a few organizers for everyday items and storing the rest in separate cabinets 🙂

Buy a good storage unit

Investing in quality storage units can make a significant difference in maintaining an organized vanity. Lynne recommends products from Boxy Girl, known for their durable and functional acrylic organizers. She uses the Boxy Girl Lip Stack for her extensive lipstick and lip gloss collection and the Boxy Girl Everything Stack for a variety of items, including makeup brushes.

This is the Boxy Girl Everything Stack for under $50:

Lynne suggests makeup organizers

While Boxy Girl’s organizers are top-notch, they might be on the pricier side. For more budget-friendly alternatives, Lynne recommends Lynne suggests checking out acrylic organizers on Amazon, such as the 4 Tier Drawers and 16 Grid Makeup Acrylic Organizer, which are stackable and versatile for larger collections.exploring Amazon.

The blogger adds a friendly warning: organizing can be addictive! Once you start, you might find yourself wanting to tidy up every area of your house. Just remember, a well-organized vanity not only looks great but also makes your beauty routine more efficient and enjoyable.

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