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YouTube: How to edit long-form clips to Shorts 2024

Simplifying YouTube editing in 3 easy ways

YouTube: How to edit long-form clips to Shorts 2024

Step 1: YouTube’s shorts editing

Unlock the potential of YouTube Shorts by utilizing the new editing UI. To access this feature, go to the “Remix” option on your existing video clips. This will open up a suite of editing tools designed specifically for reformatting your content into Shorts, saving you the hassle of re-shooting or extensive editing.

Step 2: Utilize Smart Innovations

Within the Shorts editing UI, explore the smart innovations offered to enhance your clips. These innovations are designed to make your Shorts stand out and grab viewers’ attention. Take advantage of these tools to add flair and uniqueness to your content without the need for complicated reshooting or editing processes.

Step 3: Hop on the shorts trend

Recognize the power of Shorts as one of the fastest-growing content formats, generating over 50 billion daily views within the app. With YouTube consistently improving Shorts’ visibility and accessibility, creating engaging Shorts has never been more rewarding. Incorporating Shorts into your content strategy can amplify brand awareness and increase audience engagement, leveraging the popularity of short-form videos.

YouTube: How to edit long-form clips to Shorts 2024

The new Shorts editing UI provides a streamlined process to adapt your long-form content into engaging Shorts.

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