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How to get your TikTok videos to perform better

TikTok is a great platform to share your talent and promote your brand or business. Here are 7 tips on how to get your videos to perform better!


TikTok is one of the most exciting platforms to create content on today. It has a great user base with viewers from different demographics, making it an excellent platform to create content and promote your brand. You can use TikTok to create videos and interact with your audience in the most effective manner. However, with the increasing number of creators on the platform, certain boxes must be ticked when creating content. 

Brands, businesses and influencers use TikTok extensively to increase brand awareness and promote campaigns. It has become much more than a platform people use during their free time to a business instrument and an important strategic tool.

Tips to make sure your TikTok video does well

Here are a few practices you can adopt to help your videos perform better. 

High-resolution videos in portrait mode

TikTok is designed to support portrait videos compared to landscape ones requiring one to tilt their phone. By creating content better suited to the app’s template, videos will have an increased chance of doing better. A 9:16 aspect ratio will be perfect for TikTok. Similarly, it is also essential that the videos are of high resolution. Users today like content that is of high quality and clarity! 

Make your background interesting

While sit-down videos with influencers do well, it is always essential to avoid stagnant backgrounds. The background can complement the mood of the video or an aesthetic the influencer plans for. Make the backgrounds more interesting to retain the attention of viewers. 

Authenticity is key

Creating videos that are true to yourself and your brand is crucial for its success. It is very easy to detect ingenuity in content. Therefore, one should ensure the content is sufficiently expressive of its intent.  


Post frequently

Like every other social media platform, one of the most effective ways to increase engagement is by posting frequently. You can post one video daily or develop a schedule that will work for you and your followers. Posting often will potentially increase the number of people seeing your content and thereby automatically result in its success. 

Don’t over promote

TikTok is a platform that is meant to entertain and engage its users. When you carry out extensive promotional activities on the platform, users will likely swipe past your content without giving it a second thought. Advertisements are everywhere, and people do not want them plugged into their favourite TikTok. Balance the number of ads and creative content you post. 

Closed-captioning and on-screen text

On-screen texts make a massive difference to how a TikTok video performs. The text makes it easier for viewers to follow what is being said in the video and can also be a great way to insert your call to action. 

@rayanfahmi يلا نلعب #فري_فاير ونجمع #ذهب_حقيقي #FreeFire #GoldenTicket #القسائم_الذهبية ♬ original sound – Rayoon

Music can make a difference

Music will always make things more exciting. Find the perfect track that will work well with your content and incorporate it. Using music will significantly increase impressions on the platform, and TikTok confirms that “93% of top-performing videos use audio”. 

TikTok is a platform that can help you build your business effectively and creatively. Influencers, brands and businesses can come together on the platform to collaborate to create content that is beneficial to all the parties involved. Follow these simple steps and get an increase in engagement on your videos!

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