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How to hit 10k followers in 30 days on Instagram

Ready, set, go!


Grab a pen and piece of paper to get the quickest and best results to becoming an influencer in just 30 days.

Week 1: Prepare the land

Day one, with 0 followers

This week is all about preparing the land. Don’t just start posting on your feed and hoping your followers will just flood onto your page, prepare it first. Why would you invite someone over for dinner when you haven’t even cooked or started cooking the meal yet?

So how do you prepare?

First and foremost, you need to establish who you are and who you want to be – establish some clarity on your page on day one. What do you want to be known for? Where do you see yourself in the next 3-5 years? Start acting like that person today. When you know what the ultimate goal is for Instagram, then you need to make a plan to get there. For example, if you want to be a beauty influencer, then you need to create your plan around you being a beauty influencer whether it be through Reel tutorials, step-by-step image posts, or a carousel of step-by-step images.

Day 2

You want to be on a creator account so switch to a professional account and click on ‘Creator.’ Now when you set up your profile, you want to use a strong and professional picture, a strong username, and a nameplate that establishes your positioning. All three of these things should match – if you are a fashion influencer then a fashion-style picture would be great for your profile as and a nameplate should have the word fashion in it so Instagram can pick you up through its SEO search.

Now that you have a strong photo and your username isn’t ITP.321.Live, your bio is the next thing to focus on which believe it or, is not about you. It doesn’t matter where you are located or your favourite quote, or that you’re a dog mum – no. Your bio should be about who you’re trying to reach and how you can help them. Tell your audience right away what is in it for them when they click on your page.

Day 3

Today, you need to do some content research about your niche, while keeping an open mind. You shouldn’t already assume that you know what to post or what topics to talk about, you should start from scratch, fresh, and see what is currently happening in your niche.

If you want to grow fast then remaining in one niche will help you grow fast because your content becomes more “binge-worthy” to new followers – like a Netflix show. A great show makes you binge multiple episodes and that’s because they are all related – they are all part of the picture and part of a bigger story. Research every day on topics using Pinterest, YouTube, TikTok, Instagram/Reels tab, and even use free content generator sites. You can also look at competitor pages and analyse them as if they were your own – what worked well, what didn’t work well, what topics are they talking about and what questions are their followers asking them. Do not copy them, just research their themes and what they are posting to inspire you to create something unique of your own.

Also, look at recommended searches that already come up on Instagram. For example, if you type in fitness without clicking search, what appears on the page? After you have clicked search, go through the tabs on what appears at the Top, then click on Tags. When I click on Tags, it shows me #fitness, #fitnessmotivation, and #fitnessmodel, which tells me these are the most popular used hashtag and therefore people are interested in this keyword.

Embrace your creativity and embrace your unique voice as that is what will get your following.

Day 4

Set up your content calendar. Scheduling your posts will help you be organised and see how your feed is looking. Figure out how often you are posting, the type of content you are posting, and the first 9 posts.

Your 9 posts could be a countdown, or you can split one image into 9 small images, just so your audience has something to look at and see before you start getting into the Reels and video content. When someone comes onto your feed, it’s your entire brand vibes that you’re giving them. We are just trying to set the stage for new visitors.

If you want to grow fast and rapidly, then we suggest posting at least one Reel per day. The reason why Reels work so well is that Reels have the newest algorithm designed to help you reach new people.

To sum up day 4, pick what your first posts will look like, pick 5-7 topics to create around, and plan out your posts on a calendar so you’re organised and you have at least one post going out a day.

Day 5

Create your first 9 – No matter what it is, we are getting all your 9 posts done on day 5. You could have a strategy for your first 9 posts, but otherwise do what I suggest before, and split one HD image into 9 individual posts. Remember, this is how to grow your page rapidly to become an influencer in 30 days, so you can either be strategic with your first 9 posts or just post – keep it simple, it’s fine.

Day 6

Now you are going to batch film as many videos as you can. Batch at least 7 Reels to last you the week, or 10-14 if you’re posting twice a day. Hard work? Yes, being an influencer isn’t an “easy way out to making money” it still requires a lot of time and a lot of effort.

Day 7

Edit your videos – add text, fine-tune the post, add a trending song in the back and get the posts ready on your scheduling calendar. With 0 followers, don’t worry about the perfect hashtag strategy, Your Reels probably won’t go viral, so use a hashtag related to your profile which should also be relatable to the Reel you have just made. This is so that Instagram can find you on a search through SEO.  

Week 2: Trigger the algorithm

Trigger the algorithm so it knows how to categories you and knows to who to show your content.

Day 8-14

On day 8, you are going to create a daily routine that you will stick to for the rest of the 30 days. Days 8-14 this is what you will be doing every day to trigger the algorithm.

  1. You will be posting 1-2 Reels per day
  2. Include descriptive #’s
  3. Engage with people in our niche, and their followers

The more you post the more you grow, but if that feels too overwhelming, then figure out what does work for you.

Week 3: Implement new strategies

Days 12-21

At this point, you are posting daily Reels and engaging with people. Now that you have started gaining some traction, we are going to first, add daily stories to your routine. Secondly, begin to collaborate with people within your niche who have a similar follower range as you or live videos with them. The purpose of live videos is that both audiences get notified. If you post a collaboration post with a friend, that will show up on both of your feeds and reach both of your audiences which expands your reach to more and more people.

You want to make sure it’s delivering value to those you want to reach. Your Reels will bring value to your target audience, going live with someone else will also bring value – maybe you can have a Q&A box to help with interaction and engagement. When I say “deliver value” that means different things for different people so you need to work out what value means to you so you can measure whether or not you are achieving it.

Week 4: Days 22-28

If you have done all of the top instructions, then you will hit 10k in no time!

To help you on your last week make sure you:

  1. Study your analytics – if your video performs well, find out why and study it and likewise if a video totally flopped then find out why and study it – It’s all about learning and experimenting
  2. Be aware of what is working in your specific niche – study what is working in your niche

If you found this helpful and reached 10k followers by using the above then let us know by tagging us in your posts or tweeting us @itpliveme.

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