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How to make your Snapchat public so you can increase your visibility in 2022

Why this is key for influencers.


Did you know, you can create a public Snapchat profile, that allows other Snapchatters to find and subscribe to you.

Snapchat users who create a Public Profile gain greater exposure and the ability to connect with more people, making it a great incentive for influencers.

Additionally, those  with Public Profiles can add additional details to their profile, such as a bio and description and others will be able to ‘subscribe’ to their account. 

Are you taking full advantage of Snapchat? Read this article below to find out one way that you can!

How to make Snapchat public

  • Firstly, open the Snapchat app and select your account icon at the top left corner.
  • In the ‘Public Profile’ section, click on Create Public Profile.
  • You will be taken to a page that explains public profiles on the app. Click ‘Continue’, followed by ‘Get Started’ or swipe to the next page.
  • Select ‘Create’ in the pop-up menu.

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Account requirements

On Snapchat, almost anyone can create a public profile. However, it’s important to note that there are some requirements in place to do so. 

  • You need to be 18 years or older.
  • Your account may not be brand new — it has to be at least 24 hours old.
  • You must have at least one friend who has also friended you.
  • You must not have any violations of Snapchat’s community guidelines.

To view your insights within your Snapchat public profile, take a look at this short video clip below.

Why should you use a public profile as an influencer?

Snapchat launched public profiles in the midle of 2020, however at the time of first launching, this feature was only available to verified creators. 

Since June 2021, all Snapchatters were able to open a public profile and take advantage of the numerous promotional opportunities they provide.

After you’ve created your public profile, you can use regular snaps, stories, photos and of course videos to produce highlights that demonstrate your brand and give a little glimpse into the behind-the-scenes.

To create a Highlight,  go  to your public profile, select the Highlights tab and then tap Create New Highlight.

If you have a Shopify store you can link it to your public profile. Users then  can view your public profile’s Shop tab and visit your store within the app. 

This not only boosts brand awareness for any commerce ventures you may have but it also increases the number of in-app purchases and limits the number of users clicking out of the app to evaluate alternatives. 

Snap’s public profile insights are relatively straightforward and you can use them to monitor key indicators for intended goals. 

They give you the ability to assess:

  • Insights into your audience, including total subscribers, subscription source, and profile visits.
  • Stories insights, number of unique viewers, number of views and average time spent viewing.

If you are looking to publish a good amount of engaging and creative content, you will most definetely benefit from making your profile public. You can also increase your visibility by simply sharing your Snapcode online (which is a benefit that comes with a public account).

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