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How to start a video podcast on YouTube, and why is it important?

Here are the four different ways you can create podcasts on YouTube.


Podcasts are a great way to connect with your audience comfortably and personally. Numerous influencers are branching out to podcasts to better interact with their following, and it has worked out perfectly. Followers love to hear about the life and adventures of their favorite influencers and social media stars, and what better way to do it than with podcasts! 

Now, what are podcasts? A podcast can be defined as digital audio available usually to a set of subscribers on the internet. Even though podcasts were originally in audio format, video podcasts are getting more popular daily. It is always nice to put a face to the voice!


While there are multiple platforms dedicated to podcasts, such as Spotify and Apple Podcasts, YouTube is also a very popular place for creators as it increases the reach of the content.

Podcasts on YouTube

YouTube is one of the biggest platforms for podcasts currently. Most influencers post their content on multiple platforms to ensure they reach the most number of people. To be able to get a wide range of audience, it is essential to expand. 

How can you upload your podcasts on YouTube?

There are four different ways you can upload your podcasts on YouTube. While each way is different, it is vital to consider what will be visually pleasing for your audience.

Upload the audio with a static image

You can upload your audio after converting it to MP4 with an image. The image can be your logo or a picture of your choice. The picture can easily be created using tools like Canva. Even though this has been successful for a lot of podcast creators, it is likely that viewers would wish to see more than a logo while listening to an hour-long podcast. You can upload your old podcasts in this format while experimenting with the new productions.

Webcam record

Webcams are a great way to record content for your podcasts. You can switch on your webcam while recording the audio for your podcast and thereby get video content for YouTube. This is an easy and cost-effective way of expanding your content’s audience. You can use Zoom or Skype to make the recording.

Get recording equipment to make the video podcast

Getting recording equipment is a great way to start if you are looking to invest in your podcast endeavor. Make sure to set up a nice area in your studio or home to record the podcast and find the perfect angles for recording. Viewers enjoy visually pleasing videos along with their daily podcasts.


Screen record meeting video

Creating a podcast with multiple in multiple locations? You can always screen record your meeting. This works well for video podcasts as it still shows the people talking, even if they are not altogether. 

YouTube will open up the opportunity for influencers to make revenue from their podcasts. They will also be able to interact with the listeners in the comment section. You can make promo videos and share the content on other social media platforms to ensure that all your followers see your video podcast.

Even though YouTube is not a platform dedicated to music, it is the go-to place for many when it comes to anything audio. Therefore, uploading your podcasts on the platform might be one of the best ways to boost your content’s reach!

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