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Plan your content creation now: Here’s why

We go through why now is the best time to post content and platforms to use for inspiration

Plan for content creation now: Here's why

If you’re someone who wants to be a full-time content or influencer then now is the best time to start.

You should be going all in right now aka August and September. The holiday season is when people are consuming the most content. Fall season is approaching, and fashion week is coming up – there is so much happening during this time that everyone is glued to their phone to see the latest trends.

Your audience wants to see those cosy vibes, how to make the best pumpkin latte, and how to make it from home. Right now, is the best time to start planning all of that content and for the rest of the year.

Brainstorming Content

Firstly, check in with yourself. Mentally yes, but also check in with the content you’re uploading and ensure it falls in line with who you are and what you represent. People on social media are on social media to gain something or learn something, so what are your posts teaching them or giving them?

Thinking about the months of September and October. It’s when temperatures drop and the whole mood, colours, and weather change to deeper, rich tones. Pinterest is great for brainstorming content ideas. Just type in your keyword and see what inspiration comes up. For example, if we type in ‘Fall Vibes’ this is what appears:

Have a play around with words and put together a mood board of inspiration to help you come up with ideas of what to post and when to post it.

Google Keywords

Something which is also important and that might help you is Google Keyword Planner on Google ads. Google ads is free and a great tool for you to use when researching ideas for content when it comes to what other people are searching for.

How to use it:

  1. Once you have clicked on Google ads, click Discover New Keywords

2. Stay on ‘Start with keywords’ and type a keyword in – for example: Fall

Ensure you have the correct location

3. It will show you a list of your keywords, as well as other popular keyword searches in the UAE in July 2023. Once you click on Avg. monthly searches in the first column, it will rank the highest number to the lowest number. You can also see from the ‘Competition’ whether it’s low or high.

If the searches are high and the competition is low, this is the perfect opportunity to use those keywords on your post or to use it as a source of inspiration.

Posting On Socials

When posting on social media, think of each platform and understand the changing algorithms. For Instagram, IG Reels performs very well when reaching wider audiences, and for TikTok check the hashtags and on-page/video SEO.

It’s all about doing your own research and finding out what works for each social media channel.

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