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Videographers tricks revealed for realistic advertisements

Watch the best tricks of the trade to make a fake advertisement look realistic

Videographers tricks revealed for realistic advertisements

Have you seen an advertisement online or on television and thought, wow, that looks amazing which has ultimately got you purchasing the product? We find out how filmmakers make products look so desirable in their genius ways.

Creative Genius

It’s obvious why videographers and photographers make an ad look so good – for the customer to buy the product or service. But how do they make the products look so good? Take a look at the TikTok video below showing just how they execute juicy burger buns, frothy beverages, and super cheesy pizzas.

@5.minute.crafts.vs Genius ways filmmakers set up food scenes #propsdepartment #cinematok ♬ Follow Her – Zeeky Beats

Mind-blowing right?

Jona Daniel shows how it’s done

One TikToker who is able to show his creative genius in the comfort of his own home is Jona Daniel. Jona Daniel now has over 600 thousand followers and over 14 million likes altogether on his content. What makes him talented is the thought process behind his videos which highten all of your senses.

@thisisjonadaniel The process of creating a water commercial. Her reaction on the first shot! 😂 #epiccommercial #epiccommercials #videography #fyp #videographer #water ♬ Cornfield Chase – Hans Zimmer

Using the product itself and minimal amount of props associated with the primary product, Jona is able to tingle your body with sounds and visuals to get you hooked onto what you’re watching. As we currently live in a digital world that is very advanced, everyone has become very visual with what they consume. With that in mind, filmmakers have to capture their audiences attention within the first second – whether that means faking an advertisement, or in Jona Daniels’ case, creating incredible visualisation.

What is your favourite adversitment and why does it capture your attention?

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