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Why YouTube is the best place to share special moments

Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok vs YouTube.

Molly Mae & Tommy Fury: YouTube

Social media influencer Molly Mae announced her pregnancy with Tommy Fury across her social media platforms. While both stars kept it a secret from their fans for a while when the news finally did release, Molly Mae had uploaded a special black and white video showing their pregnancy shoot and finding out Molly was pregnant.

Molly Mae: Creating an image on IG & YouTube

Molly’s fame came from her appearance on the show Love Island, where she also met her now boyfriend and father to her child, Tommy Fury. Since the show, Molly had always wanted to create a name for herself and steer away from being known as the “girl from Love Island” and therefore built her image on social media.

She uploaded fashion and style posts on her Instagram and documented her lifestyle and travel videos on YouTube where she was able to create longer content. After working in the creative industry for so long, working on different shoots and asking for different work, Molly launched her own product Filter by Molly Mae as well as became the UK & EU Creative Director of the fast-fashion clothing company, Pretty Little Thing.

Staying true to her image, the influencer always made sure she had uploaded either a beauty routine, fashion styling tips, travel documentaries, or surprise videos for Tommy on her YouTube channel. Since Love Island, many people were excited to see them together after the show through Molly’s uploads on YouTube and therefore their love story continued in a special way.

Instagram, Facebook & TikTok vs YouTube

Although Molly Mae already uses YouTube as a platform to showcase her life, it wasn’t a surprise that she used it to upload her pregnancy ‘The Next Chapter’ video. However, other celebrities have also been known to share their pregnancy video on YouTube.

Kylie Jenner also created a pregnancy video with the audience following her journey first for her daughter Stormi which received 106M views, and then for her son (who is still yet to be named), with 26M views.

Instagram is predominantly known for posting pictures and short Reels, and although it is effective for influencers to post videos, there is something a little more special about posting it on YouTube. As the platform is made for posting longer-form videos, it is a way of having the memory as a keepsake forever. Instagram is also viewed as a photo book, however, it is quicker and easier to post anything and everything on there, whereas a video on YouTube is more thought-out, and planned, and takes more time to prepare. It is also lovely to watch these videos back and find them easily just by typing the name/content in the subject line.

Facebook is a platform more for connecting with people and again and more private for friends and family to view. The new popular platform TikTok is also made for short-form content where videos can easily get lost in the hustle and bustle of other people’s posts.

YouTube is therefore the best and most special way for any announcements and long-lasting memories that you will get to treasure forever and share with the rest of the world. Big announcements like Molly Mae’s and Kylie Jenner’s will always reach maximum view time and be shared across websites, news channels, social media platforms, and messaging for others to watch – so it is a good way to utilise your channel.

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