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Lionel Messi & Argentina Team Evacuated By Helicopter After Fans Crowd World Cup Parade

After being surrounded by a crowd of millions of people at the parade, Lionel Messi and the Argentina Team were evacuated by helicopter.

messi and argentina team in helicopter

An estimated amount of 5 million people flooded the World Cup Parade in Buenos Aires to catch a glimpse of Lionel Messi and the Argentina Team as they joined the parade to celebrate their epic win in the parade. However soon after the world cup heroes had to evacuate due to the high intensity of celebrations and the overcrowding at the parade.

The Argentina Team & The Parade

The Argentina team was in an open-top bus waving to fans and traveling toward Buenos Aires. News networks had shown footage of people filling the highway bridges, climbing light posts and vehicles while singing and waving flags. The bus trudged the overcrowded street for five hours before switching to a helicopter.

It was deemed impossible to progress with the crowd and the motorcycle patrols were insufficient to ensure the safety of the athletes so they evacuated using a helicopter. Messi, coach Scaloni, and DePaul took a helicopter ride over the main parade spots then headed back home separately. The victory parade was cut short but the bus was not even able to cover half of the procession before the abrupt ending of the parade.

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