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Bella Hadid Confirms Her Exit From Modeling

“For the first time now, I’m not putting on a fake face.” – Bella Hadid

Bella Hadid on her path to Self Discovery!

At age 27, Bella Hadid, known for her flourishing modeling career, has taken a step back to rethink what truly matters. In an eye-opening interview, Hadid offers a fresh perspective on life after moving to Texas with her partner, Adan Banuelos, aged 35.

His move is more than just a change of scenery; it represents Hadid’s shift toward prioritizing her happiness and well-being, which resonates with many.

Hadid’s path of self-discovery follows a decade in the modeling world, where, despite her success, she felt a disproportionate amount of give and take. “After 10 years of modeling, I realized I was putting so much energy and love and effort into something that, in the long run, wasn’t necessarily giving it back to me,” she said.

This realization prompted her to reduce her modeling commitments in order to focus on what truly fulfills her.

Quitting and Moving to Texas

Texas’ attractiveness stems from more than simply its wide landscapes; it also offers true connections and a calmer lifestyle. Hadid mentions developing genuine friendships and discovering a new sense of sincerity in her encounters.

“For the first time now, I’m not putting on a fake face. If I don’t feel good, I won’t go. If I don’t feel good, I take time for myself,” she said. Her move also signifies a victory in her personal health battle, triumphantly announcing she is “finally healthy” after enduring “100+ days of Lyme, chronic disease, [co-infection] treatment [and] almost 15 years of invisible suffering.”


The Newest Entrepreneur

Hadid is embracing her entrepreneurial drive as she prepares to launch her own fragrance collection, Orebella. This three-scent collection, dubbed the “skinification of fragrance,” was inspired by Hadid’s love of essential oils and personalized scent creation.

It is a project inspired by her love of distinctive and personal elements, integrating her passion into a real product she is excited to share with the world.

From dominating the fashion runways to battling Lyme disease and now stepping into the world of fragrances, Bella Hadid’s journey exemplifies her perseverance and commitment to live a life of authenticity, health, and pleasure.

For young people who are observing her journey, Hadid demonstrates the courage required to change course and pursue a path that truly connects with one’s spirit and goals.

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