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New Album Alert: A Breakdown of Billie Eilish’s New Album 2024

Did someone say new music?? Here’s a breakdown of Billie’s new album!

Billie’s album is finally here *squeaks*

After announcing her third album last December, Billie’s Hit Me Hard And Soft is finally here! The artist released her third studio album on May 17, alongside her brother, song-writer and producer Finneas Eilish. The siblings started working on the album, consisting of ten new songs, in October 2022, and finally released it this month.

The artist uses the songs in this album to relate to her fans and show them they are not alone. A listener on YouTube even commented saying: “the fact that most of us have felt exactly some of what this song explains at least once is crazy…a universal experience.” Emotions are running so high in this album, that Billie herself confessed to crying the when singing it live for the first time.

Album’s standouts

The album opener, Skinny, is a reflection of body image standards and encourages self-love and acceptance. This ballad beautifully exemplifies Billie’s sweet soft voice and embellishes her experience with body image – a narrative that is especially important in today’s modern age.

Another standout in this album is the way the singer uses her voice to change range and portray a variety of her emotions. In fact, the 22-year old artist recently told NPR Music that this album “was really the first time that I was aware of the things that I could do, the ways I could play with my voice, and actually did that.” She added that her vocal bravery is something she is particularly proud of throughout this album.

Billie also shared the behind the scenes footage of her new track titled Lunch.

Quick – where do I stream?

The album is now available on Spotify and YouTube for streaming. If you are an old soul who loves collecting Vinyl records, they are also available for purchase on the artist’s website.


Billie recently shared to her Instagram that the “slowed and reverbed” and “sped up” versions are available on her website.

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