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Gen Z job applicants are bringing parents to interviews? That’s embarrassing

Helicopter parenting has reached a new level with these Gen Z-ers ways

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In with the out, out with the new?

According to a new survey, employers are going to great lengths to avoid hiring recent college grads in favor of older labor.

The survey discovered numerous reasons why older applicants are chosen, including the fact that Gen Z job seekers are bringing their mothers and fathers to interviews.

Intelligent, an online magazine about student life, conducted a study of 800 hiring managers, directors, and executives last December.

Red flags after red flags Gen Z!

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It revealed that 39% of businesses actively avoid hiring new college graduates for positions for which they are qualified.

More than half of the employers said that young recruits struggled to make eye contact during the interview, and 50% stated they requested exorbitant salary. Almost half of the employers reported that a young job candidate arrived in unsuitable dress, and nearly 20% claimed that a recent college graduate accompanied a parent to a job interview.

Some employers appear to be prepared to offer perks to attract older professionals: 60% said they would be willing to offer more benefits, 59% said they would offer higher salaries, 48% said they would allow remote or hybrid-working opportunities, and 46% said they would hire overqualified candidates.

Young professionals seem to have a reputation for being tough to work with. Almost two-thirds of employers felt it was “very true” or “somewhat true” that new college graduates are “entitled,” while 58 said it was very or somewhat true that they “get offended too easily.”

“Failing to prepare is preparing to fail”

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Nearly 60% of supervisors agreed that recent graduates are unprepared for the workforce, with more than half believing that young professionals “don’t respond well to feedback” and have “poor communication skills.”

As Gen Z has entered the workforce in greater numbers in recent years, companies have expressed concerns about the younger generation’s capacity to adapt to corporate culture.

According to big organizations such as PWC, Deloitte, and KPMG, Gen Z candidates who graduated during the epidemic struggle with fundamental communication skills and office manners.

As a result, these organizations have provided additional seminars on soft skills such as email communication, workplace attire, and teamwork.

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