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Hailey Beiber’s Guide To Beauty 2024

If you’re wondering what Hailey Bieber’s vibe is right now, she says she has “no concern for bulls***t.” This summer, she’ll be spending most of her time exploring, being with loved ones, and celebrating her brand Rhode Skin’s first anniversary


Hailey Bieber’s Skincare Routine:

Hailey Bieber’s secret is in her beauty-care routine and one of her favorite prescription treatments: tretinoin, a topical drug she claims gives her face a natural glow even when no other products are applied. She saw a considerable difference after utilizing it. Sleep is also a key component in her glazed skin recipe. “I feel like I’m a big adult baby,” she laughs. She needs at least eight hours of sleep or she would become grumpy. With sleep, Bieber’s trusty tretinoin, and her daily routine, the model’s skin is always prepared, whether she’s on a boat or on the red carpet.

Step by Step Routine:

Hailey Bieber usually merely rinses her face with water in the morning to cleanse. However, if she is cleansing in the morning after using her tretinoin, she uses a cleanser. She has recently been using CeraVe’s Hydrating Facial Cleanser, which contains ceramides and hyaluronic acid and is popular among dermatologists. The restorative formula cleans and hydrates. “It’s an O.G., a forever go-to brand for me,” Bieber explains.

Bieber then applies Rhode’s newest product, Glazing Milk, a ceramide-rich essence with a milky yet lightweight feel. She uses it for quick hydration and says it makes her skin feel pillowy soft. She also likes the way it blends in with her SPF: “When I’m out in the sun all day and I need that reset of hydration after swimming, especially after being in salt water or the pool, I need that extra oomph before reapplying sunscreen.”


On what unplugging looks like for her:

Hailey Bieber receives lymphatic-drainage massages at least once a month. It’s the one thing she acknowledges she’ll continue to splurge on because it’s so worth it. “With traveling a lot, blood flow becomes stagnant from planes and dehydration,” she said. It is her favored method of disconnecting. If she isn’t getting a lymphatic massage, she is lying down and watching a wonderful movie, which she considers self-care as well. “I just want to laugh and not think about anything, or get lost in a story,” she said.

Her morning wellness hack:

Rebecca Faria, her lymphatic-drainage masseuse, gave Bieber some of the best wellness advice she’s ever received: don’t drink anything in the morning until you’ve brushed your teeth and tongue. According to Faria, any bacteria that grows in your mouth while you sleep is simply reintroduced into your body if you do not brush it out before drinking any liquid. It’s a hack that Hailey Bieber lives by. She takes water first after cleaning her teeth. “I’m a coffee-on-an-empty-stomach type of person, which I know is not very good for you, so I at least drink water or hot water with lemon before the coffee goes into my body,” she said.

Regarding males using Rhode:

Her husband, Justin Bieber, endorses her brand. “He incorporates it into his stuff and loves the peptides,” she said. Her pals and their partners also use it. She argues that Rhode is also for males, which is why she chose the color of the box so carefully. “I want it to be for everybody. I wanted the Rhode gray to seem neutral enough that if your boyfriend walked into your bathroom and saw it, he’d say, “Oh, this isn’t too girly for me to use,” she explains. “I think guys sometimes think skin care is a little too girly for them. I wanted it to feel as gender-neutral as possible.”


On her preferred date-night makeup look:

Hailey Bieber associates dating nights with sex. She’s quite consistent with her beauty looks, so date night provides her a chance to experiment with products or at least lipstick. “I don’t wear eye makeup during the day. “I don’t wear mascara during the day unless I’m getting my makeup done for something,” she explains. “At night, it has to be amazing skin, with a really gorgeous cheek. For date night, I like to experiment with my lip color; a little red lip looks great with a pretty little black dress. I’ve always thought that was so classic and sexy.”


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