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Influencers to inspire your back to school desk

This is your sign to redecorate your study desk


Since students all over the world are going back to school, we thought it best to curate a list of pictures from Influencers to inspire a new layout and design for your desk.

Get inspired by Influencers

Changing up spaces every now and then can be good for creativity and it’s always nice to have an excuse to upgrade your bedroom. On this list, we have every kind of vibe we can think of, from Gilmore Girls-esque to clean and neat. Either way, we’ve got you covered.

The rustic Rory Gilmore

Rory Gilmore is an academic girl, through and through. Her wooden desk is clean and neat, but also very occupied. There is never a moment where her desk isn’t covered by books. And if that’s the energy you want to channel this fall, @cupsandthoughts is the perfect Instagram account to inspire you.

Rory’s desk is also almost always in front of a window. If you don’t have a lot of space, shelves are a great way to store your book collection, something that we’re sure the Gilmore girls would approve of.

For more inspiration you can take to Pinterest:

Light and cozy

If you want the same cozy vibe emulated by the Rory Gilmore’s of the world but do not want it to be rustic and so 2000s, this is the right vibe for you. It’s also the style of desk that is most trendy amongst young students these days. Instagram Influencer @teal.days has a great desk you can take inspiration from.

The essentials for such a setup include a white desk, a peg board, fairy lights, and colorful accessories. The color will make your whole desk pop. Here is a pin from Pinterest to inspire you further:

Efficient study

If you want an uncluttered, extremely neat, and straight desk, this is the vibe for you. Students usually prefer these desks because it helps them focus better, away from the noise and clutter of the world. In that case, you want to look to Instagram study Influencer @celin.ee_ .

Everything is set at 90 degrees, but it’s simple and clean for anybody who gets distracted easily or just prefers a more minimalist vibe. Here’s more inspiration on Pinterest:

Green galore

Do you love having plants around you? Us too! It’s proven that having more plants around you will reduce stress, making this a perfect setup for anyone who gets anxious more easily. Influencer @aworldfullofstudies has a great desk to take inspiration from:

Here is some more inspiration available on Pinterest:

More and more inspiration exists all over social media. If none of these are your style, that’s okay! You can always search for styles that are more your style.

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