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Is Jaclyn Hill ending her dream?

Jaclyn Hill has announced that she is closing her brands Koze and Jaclyn Roxanne in a recent YouTube video


The birth of Jaclyn Cosmetics!

Hill discussed her long-held desire of launching a cosmetics firm in the video, and revealed the company’s first product: cream lipsticks.

She also swatched each lipstick and explained the meaning behind each shade’s name.

“Hang on tight, you guys, because there’s a lot coming,” Hill says at the end of the video. “Over my dead body, I was not going to launch a brand that had one launch and then faded away.” “I will not be a one-hit wonder.”

“I have so many things coming — so many lab samples that I’m wearing on my face right now — I can’t even begin to tell you,” she said.

Seven days later, the business planned to begin selling the lipsticks.

Drama behind the swatches


The Jaclyn Cosmetics website advertised its 20 lipsticks with a photo of them swatched on three different skin tones prior to its release. The makeup appeared to be pigmented and velvety there.

Fans noted that when Hill shared a different, now-deleted swatch photo of her lipsticks on Instagram, the lipsticks appeared less pigmented and more orange in tone.

Because Hill’s photo was taken casually, beauty fanatics on Reddit accused her of having her brand’s professional photographs modified to appear more impressive.

As Revelist observed at the time, others questioned if the swatches in the commercial photo were totally placed on the three arms.

Lipsticks arrived broken, damaged, and melted.

While some customers claimed that their lipsticks were damaged upon opening, others claimed that their items cracked after only one usage insinuating that her products are expired. People also said that the lipstick they received looked to be melting when it arrived.

Nonetheless, some supported the brand, claiming that summer temperatures could cause the lipsticks to melt and so break while being sent.

Sad or Happy ending?

After being accused in 2019 of selling unclean and expired lipsticks for her Jaclyn Cosmetics So Rich lipstick range, the YouTuber turned business owner revealed to her audience that she opened Koze and Jaclyn Roxanne.

“I love [Koze and Jaclyn Roxanne], I’m proud of them, but I’m not excited about it,” she says in the video. “I get excited over cosmetics, I’m not excited over these things.”

Hill stated that she launched Koze and Jaclyn Roxanne because she felt the need to show herself to her followers following the lipstick incident, as well as pressure from others in the business who started new brands.

“My legacy was supposed to be cosmetics.,” Hill remarked in the video. “That’s what I’ve wanted to do since I was a kid.” That was my original dream, to do something creative with makeup, and at this point in my life, I really want to get back to it. That’s exactly what I’m looking for.”

“As for Jaclyn Cosmetics, I honestly don’t know the future of my brand, I really don’t because of everything I’ve said to you this entire video, I really don’t.” I took a step back and only accomplished the bare minimum. I was given such a wonderful opportunity to be in Ulta stores, and I’ve really done the bare minimum to support my business there, which is absurd because that’s basically my goal.”

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