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Jake Paul Invites Donald Trump To Be Ringside For Tyson Fight?

Jake Paul really is the king of unpredictable

Jake Paul’s PR Stunt?

It’s undeniable that Jake Paul is an expert at promoting and building anticipation for fights and events.

Even though Tyson’s name must come first in this bout, Paul has been building the hype for it this week, even though it is still weeks away. From saying that “if I knock all his teeth out,” Tyson won’t be able to bite his ear during the battle. He and Tyson want the battle to be “full face” and “an all-out war,” he said to Fox News. To Paul, who extended an invitation for former president Donald Trump to watch the bout from the ringside.

Is Donald Trump Coming?

Paul extends an invitation to Trump, the presidential contender, in an interview, Fox News said that Jake Paul invited former US President and current presidential contender Donald Trump to attend this historic battle, which is set to take place in Texas on July 20.

“Mike and I want this to be a pro fight, full face shots. We’re submitting that request to the commission,” Paul said to Fox News. “It’s an all-out war. And Trump, if you are watching this, this is an invite. I know you used to promote Tyson, so I’d love to have you at the fight. Vivek came to my other fight. And, of course, the silver fox, Barron Trump. So, Donny, pull up, we’ve got tickets for you.”

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Here’s Paul’s cheek! It’s uncertain whether Trump will accept Paul’s offer. Who knows if the bout between Paul and Tyson would indeed be “an all-out war” and “full face”? We still haven’t received the Texas Commission’s official regulations. Paul claims that he believes Tyson is “underestimating” him and his capacity for boxing.

“Man, I think he’s underestimating me,” he said. “I truly….I truly think that. And it’s a heavyweight fight, so you know, he’s the bigger man. But I’m the faster man. He’s the much stronger man, but I’m fresh. He’s experienced. I’m smart but up in the ring he may be smarter, so it’s a really interesting matchup.”

This bout has generated a lot of interest, and if Paul continues in this manner, fight night will draw even more interest and attention.

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