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Mike Tyson vs Jake Paul $2 million ticket: What Can You Get With The Super Ticket?

How much is too much for a ticket? Tyson and Paul have answered!

One Fan About To Spend $2 Million for Tyson and Paul

There is a long line of boxing fans eager to acquire tickets for one of the biggest bouts of 2024: the bout between Mike Tyson and Jake Paul.

However, at the exorbitant price of $2 million, one extremely wealthy fan will have the opportunity to witness the fight in all of its glory—it’s being marketed as a super ticket.

What The Ticket Includes

If one wishes to experience the ultimate luxury in Texas and be close to the action, they can buy a $2 million ticket that includes everything from backstage passes to lodging in a five-star hotel.

In addition to two ringside apron seats and eight ringside floor seats, the ticket includes free food and drink as well as access to the competitors’ dressing rooms for backstage views.

A pre-fight picture featuring both guys, autographed gloves, and a two-night stay in an opulent hotel where the boxers will be billeted are also promised.


A Scam To Make Money?

Paul has a very good reason to win since defeating “Iron Mike” will allow him to brag about his boxing career. Even though he has been retired from boxing for almost 20 years, the American remains one of the sport’s biggest stars.

However, many have asserted that Tyson is fighting merely to collect a huge paycheck; given that both combatants are anticipated to earn eight figures, it is understandable why tickets are so pricey.

Notwithstanding the fact that the match has been formally recognized as a professional bout, the majority of boxing fans concur that the bout is nothing more than a publicity stunt. The age difference of 31 years has caused some to wonder if the fight should even take place, considering Tyson hasn’t competed since 2005 and hasn’t entered the ring since December 2020.

However, spectators are clamoring to enter the arena and there is a high demand to see the bout. For the first time, a sizable audience will watch the event live on Netflix.

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