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Pregnant Influencer Hayden Hopkins Shoots Down Mark Davis Rumors

The debate around Hayden Hopkins unborn baby

Rumors On Who the Father Is?

Influencer Hayden Hopkins, who is expecting, is correcting rumors about Mark Davis, the owner of the Las Vegas Raiders.

Since the two were spotted sitting next to one another in a suite during a Raiders game in 2022, Hopkins and Davis have been connected. Some assumed Davis was the father right away when the 26-year-old dancer and Cirque du Soleil performer revealed she was expecting earlier this month.


Mark Davis is Not The Father?

Not at all, Hopkins stated on Monday night on X/Twitter and her Instagram story. She refuted “false rumors” of even dating Davis, much less having a kid with him, in a succinct but direct statement.

“Reports of Mark Davis being the father of my child are wildly untrue,” Hopkins stated in a letter. “Since I was spotted at a game in 2022 with him, I’ve been the target of unfounded accusations of a love involvement. Sitting in the owner’s box with other pals, I was merely a guest.

Wishing Hayden The Best Pregnancy!

“What ought to be my happiest days are being adversely affected by these ongoing media headlines. Joey and I are excited to welcome our baby this fall.” Although Hopkins has more than 220,000 Instagram followers, the majority of her postings are self-portraits, whether they are staged or unscripted. The identity of the person Joey is seeing is not mentioned.

@dovkleimannfl Congrats! 26-year-old Hayden Hopkins, girlfriend of #Raiders owner Mark Davis (70), is pregnant. Happy for the power couple. #NFL #football #fy #nfltiktok #raiders #markdavis #foryou #greenscreen #nflhighlights #nfledits #lasvegas #foryoupage #lasvegasraiders #greenscreenvideo #pregnant @NFL @Las Vegas Raiders ♬ original sound – Dov Kleiman

In any case, Hopkins and her boyfriend deserve congratulations on their impending baby. It’s good that she finally put an end to the rumors about Mark Davis. We have no doubt that Davis will be relieved to be free of these speculations as well.

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