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How Roman Atwood Went From Being Broke to a YouTube Star

Check out how much YouTuber Roman Atwood had in his bank account begore becoming a millionaire!

The Humble Beginnings of Roman Atwood

Roman Atwood, a well-known YouTuber, recently shared just how financially strapped he was when he started his YouTube channel. Atwood, now 38, launched his first channel in 2009, becoming one of the early pioneers to make a career out of content creation.


From $157 to Millions

Atwood’s channel, ‘Roman Atwood Vlogs,’ has since amassed over five billion views and more than 15 million subscribers. In a video posted on March 31, Atwood disclosed the state of his finances when his channel began to gain traction. He prefaced the video by saying, “This is going to be a weird vlog, it’s not even a vlog — it’s a video. I have things I want to talk about, some real things. I want to start off with motivation for you though.”

He then revealed a bank statement from his early YouTube days, showing that he started the month with $157 and ended with just $30.

A Message of Motivation

After sharing his humble financial beginnings, Atwood offered motivational words for aspiring YouTubers. He highlighted his journey from having just $30 in his bank account to now having a net worth of millions. “30 bucks in my bank account, doing what I like to do,” he explained. “If I can climb out of a 30 dollar bank account, then anyone can. I found something I love and was passionate about and kept doing it. You gotta love what you are doing, let the money and success be the bonus.”

Roman Atwood’s story is a testament to following one’s passion and the potential for success despite humble beginnings.

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