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Influencers Review Anne Hathaway’s TikTok Viral Lip Plumping Technique

Social media is going crazy over Anne Hathaway’s hack – Read more

Anne Hathaway on TikTok

Anne Hathaway is living her best life in style and has even recently joined TikTok. While many celebrities avoid the app, Hathaway is nailing it, inspiring influencers, reinforcing trends and going viral.

Just weeks after joining, she’s already gone viral with a beauty hack reminiscent of those timeless tips passed down from grandmothers. Her secret? Using a hairpin to make her lips look fuller and redder. Summer-ready bee-stung lips? Simply ingenious.

@annehathaway The more you know 🌠 #liptok ♬ Lips Are Movin – Meghan Trainor

Hathaway’s joyful enthusiasm in sharing her lip-plumping secret on “LipTok” is truly captivating. Women everywhere are now eager to try it, even if they had their own variations, likely involving their teeth. Hathaway’s beauty tips are in high demand, especially since she still looks almost identical to her days in “The Princess Diaries.”

From our vantage point (in front of the mirror with a hairpin in hand), it’s clear that Hathaway is having the time of her life, inspiring women in their 40s to reinvent themselves.

TikTok Influencers Plump Away

Social media content creators are going crazy over the hack and are trying it out for themselves. TikTok influencer @badgurlmimi has attempted the viral Anne Hathaway lip plumping trend.

@badgurlmimi do we even see a difference? #fyp #nofilter #annehathaway #liphack ♬ original sound – minna

Cosmetic chemist Ava Perki also reacted to the trend, talking about the science behind the lip plumping effect.

@ava.perki #stitch with @Anne Hathaway long story short, stimulation=minir irritation to your lips temporarily. will it get rid of your wrinkles or make your lips look less saggy? no. do you need THAT specific hair pin to do it? no. ehat do you think @Dr. Angelo – DermAngelo ? 👀#annehathaway #lipplumper #cosmeticchemist #cosmeticscience #skincare #fyp ♬ Lips Are Movin – Meghan Trainor

Another TikTok influencer @themegnickerson also recreated the look.

@themegnickerson @Anne Hathaway with the beauty tip we didnt know we needed! #beautytips #liptok #annehathaway #makeuptips ♬ original sound – themegnickerson

Her Unexpected Era

Is there a strategic plan behind Hathaway’s resurgence, or is she simply enjoying life and sharing her joy with the world? It’s hard to tell. She couldn’t have predicted the massive success of “The Idea of You” (Prime’s most streamed romantic comedy ever), but it has certainly brought her back into the spotlight, and she’s embracing it with open arms.

A New Chapter

With her sons now aged 8 and 4, Hathaway is moving past the early years of motherhood and stepping into her prime. In a world filled with somber celebrity news (break-ups, legal issues, health scares), Hathaway’s current phase is refreshingly fun, frivolous, and unexpectedly exciting.

@annehathaway What a privilege and honor to be a brand ambassador for a storied company like @Bvlgari. Thank you to the entire family for hosting me at this spectacular evening celebrating the #BvlgariAeterna ♬ BIRDS OF A FEATHER – Billie Eilish

We can’t wait to see what’s next for Anne Hathaway—especially if it involves more of her timeless beauty secrets.

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