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Top 10 women empowerment Instagram accounts to follow

Follow these accounts to celebrate women empowerment everyday

Women Empowerment

Women empowerment accounts

With Women’s Equality Day just around the corner, we felt it best to share our favorite accounts on Instagram that work towards making women feel seen, heard, and reassured. While Women’s Equality Day only comes once a year, women should feel inspired and celebrated all days of the year, and you can do that by following these accounts.

Hit follow for your daily dose of women empowerment.

1. Ladies Get Paid (@ladiesgetpaid)

This account is for ladies who want to get paid! Women empowerment means helping other females with their finances, careers, businesses, and more. @ladiesgetpaid is here to help guide you on how to get noticed on LinkedIn, how to revitalize your career, and more!

2. Feminist (@feminist)

Feminist’s Instagram bio states that they are “the global hub” for feminism today, which is apt. If you want content focused on women empowerment, feminist is the account to follow. With updates on news, celebrations of women figures, and quotes to make you feel seen, @feminist is the page to keep you updated on everything related to women.

3. Girlboss® (@girlboss)

Do you need to take charge of your career and work life? Feel like it’s going nowhere, or do you have no idea where to take it and how? @girlboss has got you covered. Navigating the job market is hard enough as it is, and the people behind Girlboss get it, which is why they share memes, tips, advice, and inspiration to help you navigate your career.

4. Sad Girls Club (@sadgirlsclub)

The truth is we’ve all had to deal with mental health issues and bad days. And while we’ve already made quite a step towards destigmatizing and making sense of mental health issues, we’ve still got quite a way to go. This is why @sadgirlsclub is the next account on our women empowerment list. To take a step towards becoming more understanding of such issues or wanting to be seen, give the account a follow.

5. Girls (@girls)

Are you more of a fun girl? We’ve got you covered. This account shares memes and relatable content on what it means to be a female, really. Even the fun, crazy, anxious, and sad girlhood experience is a large part of women empowerment, which is why you should follow @girls.

6. So She Slays (@sosheslays)

If you want lifestyle tips focused on empowering females everywhere, follow @sosheslays. Women empowerment means empowering yourself according to your wants. Nothing is off-limits, which is why sosheslays gives advice for every aspect of your life.

7. Womanistan (@womanistan)

@womanistan is a desi-run inclusive Instagram account that focuses on “telling stories about other women in order to create awareness, inspire and empower”. The account shares empowering stories, advice, memes, and more, all to help women.

8. Recipes for Self-Love (@recipesforselflove)

@recipesforselflove is an outstanding illustrator who focuses on promoting self-love from a female perspective. Her drawings not only showcase the female psyche but also celebrate diversity. Recipes for Self Love posts comforting quotes that are likely to remind you to take every day one step at a time.

9. GURLS TALK (@gurlstalk)

@gurlstalk understands that women’s stories are at the center of women empowerment. Their account acts as a community for women to share stories, listen to and support one another, and have a safe space to talk if they want to.

10. Girls Who Code (@girlswhocode)

If you’re a tech girlie, you’re sure to know about the issues women face in tech every day. And @girlswhocode is here to help you take a step closer to fixing those issues. A community focused on closing the gender gap in technology, it’s the perfect women empowerment account for those girls interested in STEM.

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