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Top 10 hilarious caricature artists to follow

Find caricatures and caricaturists who will make you bend over backwards from laughter


Caricature artists

A caricature is an image of real-life people in which their features are exaggerated or simplified. Caricatures can be either insulting or complimentary, can serve a political purpose, be drawn solely for entertainment, or a combination of both. You’ve probably seen them in newspapers, in the form of political commentary.

This year, caricaturists are going viral all over social media for hilarious or complimentary cartoons of tourists. Here are some of our favorite accounts:

Aaron & Saemee (@caricatureparty)

Aaron & Saemee are behind the notorious @caricatureparty account with over 963 thousand followers on Instagram, and 1.2 million on TikTok. While their style is a bit harsh, their drawings of individuals at Waikiki Beach in Hawaii make good comedy.

Saemee (@loveenergyart)

If you want more of @caricatureparty just like we do, we recommend following Saemee’s Instagram, on which she posts even more hilarious caricatures. Even one’s of herself! You’ll definitely get a kick out of them.

Alani Jimenez (@mr.alanij)

Alani Jimenez is another great caricature artist who has gone viral on social media. Jimenez has since gained over 2.6 million followers on TikTok, and over 360 thousand on Instagram. He can make traditional cartoons, something in a similar manner to Aaron & Saemee’s, but also something more cutesy for those who don’t like harsh drawings of themselves.

Danilo Mattos (@cowricature)

If you want funny caricatures, @cowricature takes the cake. With over 310 thousand followers on Instagram, Danilo also makes hilarious tourist drawings with exaggerated features. They are bound to make you laugh.

Kiko Yamada (@ninjasketch)

Kiko is another caricaturist who is based in Hawaii. She makes hilarious videos of tourists and can make people fall off their chairs from laughter. With over 690 thousand followers on Instagram, follow her so you don’t miss out on any laugh-out-loud moments.

Arun Vc (@arun_caricaturist)

This caricaturist is from India, and with over 110 thousand followers on Instagram, he is sharing his latest drawings done at weddings, family events, and more, constantly. Follow Arun so you don’t miss out on such cute drawings that you take a minute to smile at yourself or on exaggerated drawings that will have you bent over.

Xi Ding (@xindingart)

With a total of 3.5 million likes and over 110 thousand followers on TikTok, @xindingart shares work of his live caricatures that often include those staple exaggerated features of cartoons. He states he is a “stylized face likeness expert”, which means you know his drawings are going to be hilarious.

@xidingart Live Karikatur auf dem Sommerfest von @zushimarket #schnellzeichnerxiding #zushimarket #schnellzeichner #livecaricature #schnellzeichner #karikaturist #cartoonportrait #comicportrait #livekarikaturist #eventplanning #firmenveranstaltung #eventkünstler #gastgeschenke #giveaways #eventshowact #livecaricature #liveportrait #eventmanagement #künstleragentur ♬ Originalton – xidingart

Acorn (@uncles_painting)

If you’re traveling to South Korea anytime soon, you want to make sure you plan to get a drawing done by @uncles_painting. People are lining up for their drawings to be made in a way that can only be described as the epitome of cute. A TikTok user recently got to experience their pop-up shop firsthand, and the video has made over 70 thousand likes in only 16 hours.

@melissalimes This was so worth it! Acorn Caricature can be found on Instagram as uncles_painting 🎨 This was a pop-up in Hongdae but they have a brick-and-mortar store in Yeonnam-dong. Definitely something worth trying. The artists are so talented! 👩‍🎨 #caricature #caricaturas #expatinkorea #lifeinkorea #hongdae #seoul #홍대 #서울 ♬ Oui,Oui,Oui,Oui – Sacha Distel

Emerson Bocao Pereira (@emerson_bocao)

With over 200 thousand followers on TikTok, Emerson is another account on social media known for his caricaturist abilities. He is Brazilian but states in his bio that he makes people laugh from all around the globe. Follow his TikTok account to become one of those people.

@emerson_bocao They liked it so much that they asked me to color it in 😊 #dogsoftiktok #CaricaturesByBoca #caricature #funnyvideos #familythings ♬ original sound – Emerson Boca Pereira

Samuel (@kingdavisart)

Here’s another artist who makes their customers laugh and grin with amusement. Samuel creates amazing and very funny drawings of customers and experiments with shapes in a way that you will also surely appreciate.

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