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Top 10 skincare Influencers to follow for glowing skin

These skincare Influencers will help you learn everything you need to know to get started

skincare influencer

Skincare Influencers

Skincare is a journey, not a destination. It takes time, patience, and consistency to achieve glowing skin. But with the help of the right skincare Influencers, you can learn everything you need to know to get started. The 10 Influencers below give honest reviews of products and tips and tricks on how to achieve your end goals.

Liah Yoo (@liahyoo)

If you enjoy following Influencers that don’t only talk about one subject, Liah is the account for you. Alongside her skincare and product reviews, Liah also shares snippets into her life for her 250 thousand followers.

Belicia Arnold (@belicia.arnold)

Belicia is an active Skincare Influencer on Instagram with over 100 thousand followers. She shares exactly how she does her skin care, how she cleared up her skin issues, and tips on how to properly apply products.

Alessa (@alessa)

Alessa has accumulated over 200 thousand followers due to her skincare and beauty tips. She talks about topics such as how to prevent acne, destigmatizing a lot of beauty standards, and what skincare products are worth it.

Kin Wa Wu (

Kin is very passionate about skincare, which is why over 100 thousand users on Instagram have followed him. He shares his tips and tricks with his large audience and helps users find skincare dupes for skincare users on a budget.

Kelly (@kerriful)

Kelly is known for uploading videos of her skincare and beauty journey. Her look is similar to the light, strawberry makeup, and simple skincare that is reminiscent of the summer and the models such as Haley Bieber who inspired it.

Thuy Lam (@beauthuy)

A skincare Influencer from San Francisco, Thuy is a young girl who loves to share her skincare habits with her 166 thousand followers. She even makes beauty reels and shares her tips and tricks to get glowing.

Madison Prettyman (@chooseyourglow)

Madison is sharing her skincare journey on her Instagram, which has over 150 thousand followers. Since Madison has very sensitive and easily reactive skin, it can be harder for Madison to achieve her final goal, but she has! Making it easier for you to get the same, as long as you follow her and her skin journey.

Alexa Johnson (@glowopedia)

Alexa Johnson has over 140 thousand followers on Instagram, and it’s all because of her stellar content as a skincare Influencer. She is passionate and loves to share with others what she’s finding along the way, especially what she’s found out from her followers.

JODE (@skinorbits)

JODE is a beautiful woman who loves to share her thoughts on skincare. She makes content that is both useful and relatable to her followers, specifically focusing on Korean Skincare, as is the trend these days.

Iona Francis (@sparklesandskin)

Iona shares content based on a variety of beauty products, everything from skincare to haircare to fashion and lifestyle. Since this skincare Influencer has curly hair, she’s here to help anyone who has a problem with curly hair and different skin types. In order to receive some of the great tips Iona has for her 140 thousand you should follow her!

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