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Top 10 Sneakerhead Influencers to follow

Follow these amazing Sneakerhead Influencers for the best sneaker content

sneakerhead influencer

Sneakerhead Influencers

Who doesn’t love a good sneaker? And if you love them more than we do, you need to follow these top 10 sneakerhead Influencers on social media to get your daily dose of trendy, vintage, or new sneakers.

Qias Omar (@qiasomar)

With over 670 thousand followers on Instagram, Qias posts giveaways, reviews, and glimpses into his personal life. He even posts daily on Snapchat, so you will want to follow him fast so as not to miss out on any content.

Kenny Gonzales (@the_perfect_pair)

Picking the right username can be difficult since all the good ones seem to be taken. One of the lucky people who got those great usernames is Kenny. If you’re looking for a collection and reviews that will blow your mind, you need to follow Kenny.

Joe La Puma (@jlp)

With over 370 thousand followers on Instagram and host of the #1 Sneaker show in the world, Joe creates amazing content that’s just right for any Sneakerhead. From interviews with WWE champions and shopping for shoes, he will have you laughing and having fun.

Dennis Mazur (@sneakerdenn)

This Sneakerhead Influencer is a curator and seller of Vintage sneakers and shoes. For anybody who reminisces and misses old styles and fashion, Dennis is the perfect follow.

Mr. Foamer Simpson (@mrfoamersimpson)

Mr. Foamer Simpson has been putting sneaker videos on his YouTube for over 10 years now. With over 140 thousand followers on Instagram now, he’s the one to go to if you want reviews and to see the latest kicks.

Sally Javadi (@sallyssneakers)

Sally is one Sneakerhead Influencer who knows exactly how to style her outfit with sneakers in an elegant way. If you’re a lover of fashion and sneakers, just like Sally is, she is the perfect follow for you.

Anna (@atothebed)

This Philapina loves to share about sneakers, her life, and beauty. Anna is versatile, gives amazing fashion tips, and knows exactly how to rock a sneaker, making her a great follow.

Steve Natto (@stevenatto)

Steve’s sneaker reviews are captivating and amazing because he really gives precedence to the shoe. He has a YouTube channel with over 300 thousand subscribers where he compares shoes and goes in-depth with his reviews.

Rebecca Hyldahl (@rebeccahyldahl)

This Sneakerhead Influencer is savvy, and cool, and has a collection that is to die for. Rebecca shares her outfit ideas that go great with her sneaker collection and everyday is trying to navigate her way around a male-dominated area.

Jacques Slade (@kustoo)

Jacques is a versatile Influencer because he loves sneakers, playing sports, and technology. He is funny, and entertaining, and shares sneaker collection tours of some of the best collectors. Don’t miss out and follow him now!

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