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Wendy Williams warns TikTok Star with a Cease and Desist letter 2023

Wendy Williams, allegedly sent Tiktok creator Ashton Ray a cease and desist letter. Her Campus contacted Wiliams’ staff for comment but …


Wendy 101

If you don’t know who Wendy Williams is, here’s a quick rundown. Williams was a radio DJ and host until 2008, when she launched The Wendy Williams Show, her own talk show. The show immediately gained popularity due to her attitude and the honest way she spoke about celebrities.

It was during one of its episodes that Williams mistakenly gave Dua Lipa the nickname “Dula Peep,” which has remained with her ever since. You may have also heard her voice in the TikTok sound that says, “Denial is a river in Egypt, your husband is gay!” Her show featured celebrities such as Todrick Hall, Tamar Braxton, and Priyanka Chopra, and it has over 12 million listeners.


TikTok Star Ray did what?

@ashray Ep 3 Hot Topics: Bhad Bhabie’s bad baby, Cardi & Offset SPLIT #fyp #wendywilliams ♬ original sound – Ashton RAY💜

Let’s get back to the tea now that you’re all caught up. TikTok Star Ashton Ray dressed himself as Williams and posted a couple photographs of himself to TikTok on November 22. Ray wrote for the caption, “The queen of gossip is back and better than ever.” He soared to internet celebrity after publishing parodic films in which he impersonated the talk show host based on how she sounded and acted on the show. He brought up recent celebrity news, such as Bhad Bhabie’s pregnancy and Cardi B’s split from Offset, and mispronounced names in the same way as Williams did.

@ashray yall wtf does cease and desist mean?? 😭😭 #fyp #wendywilliams ♬ oh – C

Each of these films received a lot of attention, with some commenting, “So this isn’t Wendy Williams?” and said, “Omg she’s back!” But, in the midst of all that fun and all of those views, Ray came to Tiktok on December 15 to express his surprise after opening an email from Wendy Williams in which she allegedly gave him a cease and desist letter.

The caption …

Despite this, Ashton returned to TikTok to upload similar filth, captioning a Dec. 21 post, “CEASE AND DESIST BE DAMNED!!! “Have a wonderful Wendy’s Wednesday, kids!” The next day, he produced another parody in which he addressed the situation as if he were her, saying, “I had my team send him a little message telling him to stop immediately.”

@ashray Ep 5 Hot Topics: Suing twinks, the holidays, and Kendall Jenner being a flop! Happy Holidays! ☕️💋🗽 #fyp #wendywilliams ♬ original sound – Ashton RAY💜

Wendy Williams and her crew have not confirmed this as of yet.

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