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Instagram rolls out new feature for reels and posts

You can now share reels and posts with just close friends on Instagram

Instagram: Share reels and posts to 'Close Friends' only

Instagram unlocks a new feature

In a move that caters to our innate desire for more intimate connections on social media, Instagram has officially expanded its ” Close Friends” feature beyond stories. While the platform introduced this feature for stories back in 2018, it is now extending to feed posts and reels, ensuring that users can curate a select audience for their most cherished moments.

This development, which has been in the testing phase since September with a limited user group, is a response to the evolving landscape of social media. Instagram is acknowledging the shift in user behavior, with people becoming more selective about what they share publicly. The platform’s chief, Adam Mosseri, noted last year that users are now more inclined to post to Stories and send direct messages than contribute to their public Feed.

Instagram: Share reels and posts to 'Close Friends' only

What does this mean for you?

You can now pick the group of 100 individual who matter most to you — your inner circle. Instagram aims to provide a space where users can share their reels, fostering a sense of closeness and shared experiences among friends. Algorithm-driven content has been dominating our feeds because of which the personal touch from friends and family often gets drowned. Instagram responds to this challenge by creating an intimate group sharing.

Instagram: Share reels and posts to 'Close Friends' only

This move aligns with broader industry trends, where social media platforms are increasingly emphasizing messaging and group interactions. The era of public broadcasting on social media seems to be waning, making room for more meaningful connections in smaller, curated circles.

As Facebook and Instagram witness surges in user engagement, primarily fueled by video content, it makes strategic sense for them to pivot toward this more intimate direction.

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