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YouTube 2024: Logan Paul to Name His Child After Dillon Dannis?

Logan Paul’s approach to parenthood has generated discussion, with betting odds predicting whether he will troll his rivals or follow traditions with his baby’s name


Logan Paul Is Becoming A Father?

From his rise to YouTube popularity to his efforts in professional boxing, Logan Paul has done it all again with his recent statement. Paul verified the speculations on Instagram Thursday, revealing that his girlfriend is definitely pregnant.

The WWE star and Prime owner revealed the news in a quick Instagram post. Paul captioned photos of himself and Agdal holding baby scans with the phrase “Another Paul coming this Fall,” accompanied by a baby emoji.

KSI, the American’s Prime business partner and former foe, responded with some warm words for the couple. He wrote “Congrats,” along with three heart emojis. The baby’s gender has not yet been established, but it is scheduled to be born in the autumn.

Paul’s recent announcement comes less than a year after proposing to his Danish model fiancée Agdal in Lake Como, Italy. Again, the couple announced the news on Instagram. He wrote at the time: “Engaged to my best friend,” with an emoji of a diamond ring.

The internet was startled. Sending shockwaves through his supporters and the online community. But it wasn’t only the idea of approaching parenthood that got people talking; it was the speculation over what he could name his future child.

The Betting Odds, Predicting the Baby’s Name

Enter leading sportsbook Bovada, they wasted no time in listing odds on what Logan Paul might choose to name his child. Surprisingly, one of the frontrunners isn’t a traditional name at all—it’s Dillon, at +800 odds. Why Dillon? Well, it seems to be a playful jab at one of Logan’s archrivals, Dillon Danis, adding an extra layer of intrigue to the mix.

However, Dillon is not the only contender. Other favorites include Alex, Gregory, Liam, Logan, and Noah, who all have odds of +1200. These names suggest a more conventional approach, but given Logan’s love for the unexpected, anything could happen.


A Peek Into Logan’s Mind

So, what’s behind these odds? Is Logan Paul actually considering trolling his opponent with his child’s name, or is there a deeper meaning to the decisions? Some suggest that Logan enjoys keeping his audience guessing, and what better way to do it than by using something as personal as his child’s name?

Then there are familial choices. Jake, at +1500 odds, might be a gesture to his brother, Jake Paul, while Pamela, at +1200 odds, could be a tribute to his mother, assuming it’s a female. These names indicate a more emotive approach, reflecting Logan’s wish to honor those closest to him.

The Unlikely Contenders

Of course, no betting odds are complete without a few wildcards. Names like Floyd, Hulk, and Odin, all with odds of +10000.

As the speculation swirls, one thing is certain: Logan Paul’s baby name announcement will be as memorable as the guy himself. Whether he chooses to tease his opponents, honor his family, or completely defy expectations, the world will be watching—and betting—every step of the way.

Finally, perhaps the one certainty is that Logan Paul will remain the master of his own narrative, for better or worse. And as for the baby’s name? Well, we’ll have to wait and see.

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