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MrBeast 2024: Beating KSI and Logan Paul?

MrBeast’s latest announcement has the potential to challenge KSI and Logan Paul’s PRIME in terms of sales

mr beast

YouTubers like Mrbeast, Ksi, Logan Paul, etc are no longer just video creators; they are also skilled businesspeople with various enterprises and diverse investment portfolios.

We Love Prime!

The most successful example to date is KSI and Logan Paul’s Prime hydration drink, which generates a staggering $1.2 billion in yearly revenue.

Prime bills itself as ‘the fastest growing beverage in history’.

Introducing “Feastables”

While the rest of the YouTube world tries to follow up, it appears that one of its most popular artists, MrBeast, is also on pace to launch a lucrative confectionary business called Feastables.

Feastables developed its own chocolate bar line, ‘MrBeast Bars’, in 2022, which reportedly generated $10 million in sales.

However, with Prime now worth more than a billion dollars, according to Bloomberg, it appears like MrBeast – real name Jimmy Donaldson – is now focusing on his next major project.

MrBeast’s Biggest Announcement

MrBeast took to social media on Saturday (17 February) to make ‘the biggest announcement in my entire life’ in a new video.

In the three-minute video, MrBeast explained how his product has always claimed to ‘taste better than a Hershey’s bar’.

However, he also mentioned that ‘doesn’t everything taste better than a Hershey’s bar?

Throughout the clip, Donaldson explained how he travelled the world, spending hours developing the ‘best ever chocolate’.

To prove that he had finally found the ‘perfect formula’, he stated that he taped a video of random people completing a blind chocolate tasting test, all of whom gave his chocolate a gold star.

People in the comments were very excited, with one declaring they were ‘going to get one’.

How Did KSI React?

mr beast

KSI commented on the video, writing, “Pls end me some.”

Asda became the first UK shop to offer a product from the popular YouTuber in 2023, according to confectionary procurement manager Louise Gregory, who told The Grocer: “We’re really excited to be bringing Feastables to the UK supermarket shelves for the first time.”

“Launching brand new products into market is part of Asda’s DNA and we are delighted that the youtuber – one of the world’s most iconic content creators with such a huge fanbase – has partnered with us to launch his products.”


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