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The UAE Ranks as #9 in Average Screen Time Globally

Check out this article to see which country is at #1

An Increase in Screen Time From the Year Before

People are spending more and more time online, and social media platforms are becoming increasingly popular and useful in a variety of ways.

We are a planet glued to our screens. It’s not a new problem — concern about how much television time we spend watching has existed since the 1950s — but with so many screens, binge-worthy shows, and addictive apps vying for our attention, it’s no surprise that nearly one in every two people in the United States say they have a digital device addiction.

For most people, screen time is an inevitable component of their workday. For others, it serves as an emotional crutch after the workday ends. “People ask me what I’ll be doing tonight, and, well, it’s a weeknight, so I’ll be doing screens,” joked one TikTok user in a video with nearly half a million views.

“Probably three for a treat. I prefer the large one, the medium one, and the small one. I believe three is the best number because there is absolutely no likelihood of a thought occurring with three displays.”

The average individual in the world spends three minutes more every day looking at their devices than they did last year.

But which countries spend the most time online?

The Electronics Hub team just created this visualization based on Datareportal data, which provides some insight into overall screen time and social media consumption by area.

The average person in South Africa spends 56.80% of their waking hours looking at screens. This is the largest proportion of any country, confirming the previous year’s data. Research has indicated that children spend more than three hours of screen time outside of school. Another study found that children watch more television in risky neighborhoods.

UAE’s Screen Time

The UAE also ranks high, with the average citizen spending 49.09% of their waking time gazing at screens. In terms of the amount of internet users who play video games, the UAE ranks at the top of the list. The Unplugged Initiative was established in Abu Dhabi, UAE. it is one local charity working to combat children’s screen and video game addiction.

Stephen King on Reducing His Screen Time in Dubai

For Dubai, UAE resident Stephen King, getting a basic Nokia 3310 mobile phone has allowed him to become more productive and less distracted by smartphone notifications. While he owns two other mobile phones, one for work and one for entertainment, King has created distinct boundaries in his device usage. He keeps his work phone in a bag with a laptop, while his other phone “always stays at home”.


“The problematic use of internet and mobile phones could be akin to addiction,” he adds. “I wanted a real break, so I cut the cord literally.”

This absolutist approach might not work for everyone, though. Smita Malwe, who lives in Dubai UAE, says she prefers just being more conscious and self-aware. “While I can’t avoid work-related screen time, I try to take a few minutes’ breaks every hour to give my eyes some rest. Additionally, I am working on reducing my personal phone and TV usage, especially trying not to binge-watch on weekends,” she says.

Malwe has also turned off notifications for most of the applications on her phone to avoid getting too distracted. “It has not been an easy journey, but I am determined to break this habit and reclaim my time.”

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