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How To Block Ads on Snapchat

And how to prevent marketers from “spying” on you

How To Block Ads on Snapchat

Avoiding ads on social media is impossible.

Every major platform run ads in between the content users actually want to see. Scroll through your feed on Facebook and Instagram and you will, at some point, come across an ad.

While many users have vented their frustrations and dislike of seeing ads on social media, it’s something most of us now accept.

Snapchat, however, has been working hard to keeps its fans happy. From Snap Maps to free webinars, the Story-sharing platform is striving to stay ahead of the competition.

Hence the reason why it gives its users the option to “turn-off” targeted ads (i.e. ads that track a user’s actions and gather information on the user after the ad has been viewed.)

While Snapchat has said that a user will still “see a similar number of ads” if they choose to disable this feature, opting-out does tend to cut down on the number of ads you’ll see when swiping through your friends’ and/or favorite influencers’ Snap stories.

Want block targeted ads on Snapchat?

Turning off targeted ads on Snapchat is very easy. 

Open up Snapchat and go to your settings. Scroll down to “Additional Services” and tap “Manage.”

In “Additional Services”, scroll down and tap “Advert Preferences.”

In “Advert Preferences” you will notice two different options relating to your preferences: “Audience-Based” and “Activity-Based.”

Untick both options and… you’re done!

While you’ll still see ads on Snapchat, turning off targeted ads will minimize the amount of data marketers can collect from you. 

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Written by Laura Kell and Debra Okera. Photo credits: Snapchat and Shutterstock.