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6 foolproof ways to get more Instagram comments

Build engagement on your profile by collecting more Instagram comments!

With changes happening everyday to Instagram‘s algorithm, influencers now need all the help they can get to draw more engagement and show up on their followers’ feeds. One way to beat the established system is to collect more Instagram comments, proving to the platform that your profile or brand has successfully managed to build popularity, by posting interesting content that people love to interact with.

To help you get more Instagram comments, which can possibly land you a spot on the Explore page, we’ve put together 6 different methods to adopt when it comes to your social media strategy.

get more Instagram comments
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Ask questions

Yes, it can be that easy; by asking your followers a question in the caption of your photo, video or reel, they will be encouraged to interact with it and allow you to get more Instagram comments. The possibilities are endless when it comes to the questions you can ask; they can be related to their opinion on a certain product or they can also be random, asking them to comment where they’re from.

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Tell your followers to tag a friend

Another method you can adopt to get more Instagram comments involves asking your followers to tag people they know when you post something that’s relatable and engagement-friendly. For example, you could upload a picture of a certain product, let’s say a face wash, and ask your followers to “tag someone who can’t go a day without using this face wash”.

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Post a giveaway

What better way to entice your followers than by giving them the chance to win free stuff? To get more Instagram comments, hold a contest or a giveaway and ask people to tag a specific amount of friends in the comments. This will not only lead to more comments but it will also expose your brand to more people online.

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Share achievements and positive news

Think about it this way, your followers follow you for a reason; they are interested in your personal brand and would be willing to share and celebrate your small or big successes. Then why not get more Instagram comments by sharing your latest brand campaign or award with them? They will definitely be willing to congratulate you and celebrate with you.

Publish at the right time of day

If your plan is to get more Instagram comments, then you should definitely figure out the time when your followers are more likely to stop scrolling and leave a comment under your post. To determine the optimal timing, you could post at different times throughout a period of time then test out your engagement rates and set a fixed time.

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Share helpful advice

Adding value to your followers’ feeds is an important part of building a social media presence and providing them with tips, tricks and advice is a great way to connect with them and get more Instagram comments. These tips can include ways to use a certain product or even motivational sayings that can affect their lives for the better.

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