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6 Major Influencer Mistakes NOT To Make!

Influencer mistakes can be detrimental to your career, here’s what NOT to do.

Influencer marketing has transformed the way that many brands can reach millions of different consumers everyday.

Many marketers opt to use this marketing strategy as data has proven positive ROI, due to high levels of engagement and trust that is built via the influencer.

It was found that 90% of companies find the results of influencer marketing much more effective than other marketing channels.

However, with such an influx of influencers landing promo deals, the issue arises when things go wrong and common mistakes are made.

Outlined below are 6 big mistakes to avoid to ensure the success of your career in this field.

#1: Saying yes to every influencer deal

One of the biggest mistakes you can make as an influencer is accepting every brand deal that comes your way. Either through the brand reaching out, or you getting in touch with them.

Of course the exposure and money involved is always tempting, however, it is highly important to find your niche and focus on an area that you are passionate about.

There is no use promoting a product that has no relevance to what your page is typically about.

After all, you have spent time and effort to grow you audience, why risk to lose it all over just promoting a business because they are paying you?

#2: Posting only sponsored content

The second major mistake any influencer can make is avoiding posting any original content and keeping it solely as sponsored posts.

This can create a bad rap for you and your ‘brand’, as your audience won’t trust the types of products you choose to promote and other brands will see you simply as a sales profile.

It is important to keep a balance and remain transparent about the posts that are sponsored or ads and your social media pages should be mostly authentic, genuine content.

#3: Not working with a influencer marketing agency

An influencer marketing agency, such as ITP Live, is in place to help bridge the gap between influencers and brands.

Through the influencer marketing agency’s trusted network and experience, they help by enabling brands from all backgrounds to collaborate with influencers on campaigns that have a greater impact.

Working with a influencer marketing agency also helps to streamline the search process, saving a lot of time and protects the influencer as the agency will manage the contract negotiations and monitor the campaign.

It is also a wonderful way to leverage long-term relationships and their expertise, to ensure high ROI on each campaign!

#4: Using fake followers

A lot of people looking to grow their presence online will try to fast-track the process by buying fake followers and likes.

Although it can be deemed the much ‘easier’ route, it does have major consequences.

One of the primary reasons as to why businesses opt for influencers to promote their brand is due to the ability of an influencer to increase engagement.

By buying your followers, those accounts won’t actually be actively engaging (commenting, liking, sharing) your posts and if they do, it is almost always extremely obvious that it is a bot account.

Not a good look huh?

#5: Not using hashtags effectively

Hashtags are one of the key drivers in helping you boost traffic to your post.

First introduced to Twitter, a hashtag is simple to create and search, and it’s become a fabulous tool for companies, organizations, public figures, as well as, the general public to use.

The most efficacious uses of hashtags on Instagram are for branding and visibility.

As an influencer, you should be using more than one hashtag in a sponsored post (with obvious relevance) in order to make your content discoverable.

On the flip side, using too many hashtags results in your social media profiles looking unprofessional and very spammy.

#6: Lack of engagement with your followers

On any platform, engaging with your audience is an integral pillar to success in the influencer world.

You’re trying to connect with them, with every post you publish, each story of video you post and every campaign you are part of.

It is at this point, you should be expressing gratitude for the support you receieve and answering back to comments or responses to your posts.

Putting in that extra bit of effort goes a long way in terms of illustrating you are present, in order to build on these relationships with your followers.

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