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Boost Summer 2022 Content Creation: Our Top 5 Tips on Influencer Strategies

Find out how exactly you can boost your content online this summer.

When the days become warmer and the nights get longer… ahh summer! Everyone’s favorite time of year.

With lots of exciting events and breathtaking beachfront holidays, there are endless opportunities to create beautiful content that will attract the attention of lots of brands out there.

In the field of Influencer marketing, it can sometimes be rather difficult to constantly come up with new ideas on how to strategize your content.

Detailed below are 5 easy content strategy ideas for summer 2022.

  1. Get involved with the newest summer trends

It’s always a great idea to stay up-to-date with what’s in and popular at the time, and quite frankly, there’s no better time to revamp a little than during the summer.

Get inspired!

Whether you’re into fashion and you’re looking to showcase some of the hottest looks you’ve put together for your followers, or you’re an aspiring DJ hoping to branch out, showing your followers that you’re keeping on trend allows you to stay relevant.

A great way to do this, is to take a look at what other people in your industry are posting. What are businesses that operate within your field producing?

Most of all, have fun with it and get creative. Simply putting your spin on something is much more authentic and will be received as interesting by your followers.

2. Work with a brand in commerce

One of the best parts of summer, is everyone has an excuse to shop.

It’s just something about the sun and warm weather that powers us to want to makeover our style, try out new products and apply this manifesto to various aspects of our daily lives.

Working in conjunction with a brand is a wonderful way to promote their sales, whilst simultaneously widening your exposure.

A clever way to do this is launching a promo code campaign with an existing brand, who’s products somewhat align with your own online personality and your interests.

3. Get paid to travel

If you’re an influencer with a substantial number of followers, or even better, if you are a travel vlogger and document your expeditions, why not get paid to travel?

The summertime is the ultimate season during the year, where people jet off to different countries and experience various cultures.

If you’re an avid traveler, it just makes sense to earn an income through sharing your adventures with others.

Before you begin planning, it is important to calculate what additional value you can offer to a sponsorship, other than generating exposure and engagement.

Top travel content tips:

  • Approach/get approached by brands
  • Get in touch with hotels to stay in exchange for posts
  • Write a blog about a trip at a set price
  • Film a YouTube video about an experience
  • Ensure you have high-quality equipment to capture content
  • Position yourself in a position to get recognized by the right people

4. Boost your engagement by sharing more on Stories

You can check out our article here to discover how to boost your engagement on Instagram, but utilizing Stories is a great strategy to engage with your followers multiple times throughout the day without over doing it on the feed.

Stories are a clever method to give small glimpses into your summer routine, travels, new projects and ideas.

They are highly interactive and offer you the chance to leverage on your influence and connect deeper with your network of followers.

5. Network, network, network

The arrival of summer often prompts many people from various facets of life to come together and celebrate.

Weddings, birthdays, brand events, luxury dinners, you name it it’s happening.

In order to sustain your success in the industry, networking is crucial, as it fundamentally broadens your reach and presents a pool of opportunities to explore.

Check out what events are on, and really get yourself out there.

Furthermore, networking events are a wonderful chance to interact directly with other like-minded professionals and even potential partnerships.

5 essential tips on how to boost your content and get inspired this summer.

To round-up our tips, we’ve discovered that the vibrancy and zest of summer can be very inspiring to reset and tap into.

Influencers should make use of this prime time to come up with trend-worthy, engaging content and build connections that in-turn drive consumer behavior and provide new opportunities.

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