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#CoupleTok: Campbell & Jett Puckett’s “Pookie” Lore 2024

The latest trend on TikTok is #CoupleTok – cute or cringe?


The “cringe” couple content

As you read through the FYP, you’re bound to come across some relationship content, whether it’s someone secretly recording their significant other or a pair dancing to a popular song. While most users are firmly in the “couple content is cringe” camp, a subgroup of viewers (mainly those in relationships) find this video appealing.

The ascent of #coupletok, a husband and wife combo that went viral for their “Date Night” clothing videos, appears to have flipped the tide in the last week. TikTok followers are instantly infatuated with Jett Puckett and how he treats his wife, Campbell Hunt Puckett, whom he affectionately refers to as “Pookie.”

“Taking Pookie to a new spot tonight with three other couples,” Jett writes in a TikTok post from January. “Pookie looks absolutely amazing… Good lord, I love the all-black.” 

@heather_harman I fell victim to the pookie epidemic today #pookienation #pookie #pookieislookingfire ♬ original sound – Heather Harman

There has been an incredible enthusiastic response to practically every video of the couple. Users have even referred to Jett as “the blueprint” for a husband, leaving comments like “Where can I find one” and “I want one” on Campbell’s posts.

As Campbell and Jett continue to share couple content (including a trip to Paris in the New Year), online users on #coupletok have become obsessed with discovering “Pookie lore.”

@_zoehorn Pov: youre on the pookie side of tiktok !!! #pookie #campbelljett #fyp #campbellpuckett #datenight ♬ Margaret – Lana Del Rey

Campbell and Jeff’s love Story

Campbell is a full-time creator on #CoupleTok with a background in marketing and experience as an air hostess. Jett presently works in dentistry mergers and acquisitions after earning a Master of Business Administration and Juris Doctorate from the University of Pennsylvania in 2016.

With the growing interest in their personal lives, Campbell and Jett got down to discuss how they met on TikTok, more specifically on #CoupleTok.

“I walked up to the prettiest girl at a wine bar in Philadelphia and just started talking to her. Two days later, we were inseparable, and ten months later, we were engaged,” Jett begins. “At the time, I was a grad student, and Campbell was a flight attendant.”

Campbell then describes how she arrived more than an hour late for their first date owing to a delayed flight on which she was working.

“Of course, I did wait, and she arrived. And thank God I waited because, from that point forward, we were inseparable,” Jett adds.

After meeting in 2015, the couple got married in April 2018.

TikTok’s support of Jett, Campbell, and the Pookie mythos differs dramatically from how most people react to couple content.
It’s no secret that most of us cringe when a couple appears on our feeds. On TikTok, many users quickly tap the “not interested” option, although on Instagram, they may simply unfollow. Whether it’s jealousy or simply a sense of “too much information,” a fair number of viewers find it upsetting when someone’s relationship is the reason they become viral.

@campbellhuntpuckett Replying to @Bribxoxoxo How we met ♥️ #lovestory #couple #married #storytime ♬ original sound – Campbell Puckett

The Love Surge on #CoupleTok

Take TikTok user @liliannawilde on #CoupleTok as an example. Lilianna went viral last August when she shared a video of a “love surge” with her husband, Sean.

“We do this when one of us has like so much love in our limbs that we can’t contain it and feel like we are going to explode,” she says. “Sean is experiencing a love rush and will put his arms around me, causing me to shake as well. “Then you explode with a love surge.”

Viewers reacted viscerally, with many cringing as they watched the video on on #CoupleTok.

Many dramatic replies began as jokes but quickly turned violent. Viewers swamped Lilianna’s comment sections with hate and contempt.

“It suddenly just crossed a line from a really funny internet meme where I can joke and laugh at myself to this place where people wanted genuine harm,” Liliana told Business Insider in a 2017 interview.

@liliannawilde i’m so sorry we are like this lol but we can’t help it 😭♥️✨ @Sean Kolar #marriagehumor #marriagecomedy #husbandwife #husbandwifecomedy #husbandsoftiktok #couplecomedy #couple #husband #wife #couplestiktok ♬ when you love someone so much you cant contain it – Lilianna Wilde

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