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You can soon delete your Threads account without leaving Instagram

Find out when you can (finally) delete your Threads account without deleting your Instagram


Meta will announce the new update that will allow you to delete your Threads account without leaving Instagram soon.

Can you finally delete Threads?

Threads broke internet records over the summer when it launched and hit 100 million user sign-ups in just a matter of days. And what was more convenient, users were just one click away from creating an account for the new service through their existing Instagram account.

However, soon after users signed up, they realized the new application being so closely intertwined with Instagram means that you can’t delete one account without deleting the other. And users all over social media started to freak out.

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Meta, the company behind Instagram and Facebook, believes it can change that before the end of the year.

Right now, you can only temporarily deactivate your account, set it to private, or delete your entire Instagram account along with it. However, as per TechCrunch, the Meta team is expected to release a new feature for deleting individual accounts this December.

While the social media platform was quick to gain 100 million users, an analyst firm forecasts the application’s active U.S. user base to sit at 23.7 million by the end of the year. Unfortunately, the application’s competition, X, on the other hand, will have 56.1 million active users in the U.S. at the same time.

December is still a long time away, so we’ll see who wins this match when the time comes, Mark Zuckerberg or Elon Musk.

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