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“Fire James Gunn” Trends on Twitter & Fans Ask To Keep Henry Cavill As Superman

#FireJamesGunn trends on Twitter, find out why.

fire james gunn

Earlier news had broken out that Henry Cavill had retired his Superman cape due to changes in James Gunn’s new plans for Superman. Fans became furious over this decision as Cavill had left The Witcher franchise and a few days later he announced he was reprising the part of Superman only for him to leave the Superman cape behind as well. The fans then took to Twitter to voice out their concerns over DC Studios’ newest chairman James Gunn.


“Fire James Gunn” was trending on Twitter while fans brought up filmmaker James Gunn’s older tweets that joked about abuse and rape. This had once led Disney to fire him but later he was rehired by Disney to direct Guardians of The Galaxy Vol. 3. Fans said that Gunn and Warner Bros. would eventually come to regret this current decision and some stated that they wanted Zack Synder back.

Gunn’s Response to the backlash

Warner Bros., DC, and James Gunn were all faced with petitions and backlash over their recent decisions in the DCU. After the vast amount of tweets started trending Gunn responded. Gunn responded by saying that he expected the turbulence and that these fan reactions were “uproarious & unkind”.

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