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Henry Cavill Will Sadly Not Return As Superman

Henry Cavill has just revealed that he will not be coming back as Superman.

henry cavill dropped from superman

James Gunn, the new DC Studios new chairman and the Guardians of the Galaxy director, has decided to make a new Superman movie without Henry Cavill.

Henry Retires The Cape

Henry Cavill is most famous for his lead role in The Witcher franchise, his role as Charles Brandon in The Tudors, and his role in Superman. Earlier this year, Cavill had announced to fans that he would return as Superman only for this news to be dropped. The actor went to social media to explain that it wasn’t “the easiest news” to tell people that he was no longer involved in DC’s latest plans for Superman, but the show must go on. Cavill first starred in the Superman franchise 9 years ago in 2013’s Man of Steel and even graced the screens of the viewers of Black Adam which was released earlier this year.

Gunn’s new Superman film plans to focus on the hero’s younger self so Warner Bros. and DC plan on steering the focus elsewhere. Both Henry and the fans may need a bit of mourning time before moving on to seeing a new man adorn the iconic cape.

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