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Twitter re-launches test of warnings on potentially harmful tweet replies…

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Social media and the power it possesses to blow up any matter have its pros and cons. Many times you may notice, the regular conversation gets a lot of social media attention due to its nature of it.

As Twitter wisely says, “When things get heated, you may say things you don’t mean. To let you rethink a reply, we’re running a limited experiment on iOS with a prompt that gives you the option to revise your reply before it’s published if it uses language that could be harmful.”

That number’s also not fully reflective of the potential impact, as this means that, in 30% of cases when it was shown, the tweet author looked at the recommendation, then re-assessed their reply. But in many of the other 70% of examples, Twitter’s algorithms would have got it wrong, and it may not have been offensive at all. That means that the benefit here, in terms of reducing angst, could be huge – and again, it’s amazing to consider how such a simple prompt can have such a big impact.

Though it shouldn’t be overly surprising. Back in 2020, Twitter also added another pop-up alert which appears when users attempt to re-share articles in their tweets without actually opening the article link and reading it themselves first.

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