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Instagram 2024: Reveals How To Improve Your Stories!

Looking for ways to improve engagement with your Instagram Stories?


Instagram has given a more comprehensive summary of tips and tricks for Stories, which does not reveal any new features but does present some intriguing points to ponder in your creative process.

The overview includes five presenting ideas and a handful of sharing notes that may help you use Stories more effectively.

1) Sticker Templates


The first tip is to use “Sticker Templates” which Instagram initially launched in December last year:

Sticker templates enable other users to contribute to a Story using the “Ad Yours” prompt, which is a simple approach to increase direct connection and conversation.

According to Instagram, users can include GIFs, text, or images in their templates to help promote engagement.

As per Instagram:

“To create an Add Yours template, select “Add Yours Templates” from the sticker tray. You can create a custom template, or tap the dice for inspiration. Once you share to your story, anyone can use your template and add their spin to it.”

It could be a consideration for your Stories approach.

2) Layout


Layout allows you to present several photos in unique ways.

“Before snapping a picture, tap the Layout icon. Tap “Change grid” to adjust the layout of your photographs. Then, you can take a sequence of photos with your camera or choose images from your camera roll.

Filling your Story background with a solid color can also help your Stories look more professional; simply select your desired color and tap and hold on the Stories window.

3) A Translucent Overlay

“You can also add a translucent overlay to your story by following the same steps – just select the highlighter icon before pressing the screen to fill.”

Instagram also mentions that you can select different color options by tapping and holding the color to see a gradient display of colors to choose from.

4) Make It An Instagram Boomerang!

Instagram also advertises the opportunity to convert live photographs into Boomerangs.

“Select a live photo from your camera roll (they will have the boomerang icon in the corner). Then, press and hold the photo to make it become a Boomerang.”

“Select a live photo from your camera roll (they will have the boomerang icon in the corner). Then, press and hold the photo to make it become a Boomerang.”

5) You Glow Girl!

You may even make emoticons “glow” in your Story.

“Type in the desired emoji using the text tool. Then, select the neon cursive font and turn on the backdrop text color. Your emoji will now have a gentle glow surrounding it. You may also modify the hue of the illumination with the color picker.”

Instagram also says you can add a mention to a Story later if you forget in the composer, and you can establish a “Close Friends” list to limit Story sharing.

You can check out Instagram’s full overview of Stories tips here.

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