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Cheating on Instagram becomes easier with this update… πŸ‘€

Instagram’s latest privacy feature means partners can cheat easily without getting caught


Instagram’s new privacy settings

Instagram’s testing a new privacy element, with the capacity to hide your like activity from other users, if you choose.

Social media expert, Matt Navarra, posted to X, previously Twitter, regarding this newest update. The update allows users to select exactly the audience that can view their likes on posts and reels. The application will allow users to show their likes to everyone, or people you follow only, or close friends only, or no one.

It’s great for anyone if they don’t want others to know about the posts and reels that interest them on the app. However, it also has the potential to cause some trouble.

Users from all over the world are commenting on the new update, stating that it’s helping users get away with cheating more easily. A radio host from Australia, Jackie ‘O’ Henderson, during a segment stated that it’s common for users to perceive ‘likes’ on another person’s post as a sign, or as evidence, that they are speaking to them privately.

If this option becomes available, users can like pictures that are incriminating and get away with it. It gave Henderson the impression that Instagram doesn’t care for its users. “They don’t really care about you,” she said during the segment.

Other users believe it provides a certain level of reassurance while browsing the application, leading to strong feelings of comfort and privacy for them. Instagram chief Adam Mosseri has made many updates in an attempt to get users to post more on their feeds because users on the social media platform prefer to share content with friends on stories or via DMs.

Another recent update that is being rolled out in order to help with engagement on the main feed is the ‘Close Friends’ option for feed posts.

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