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Why is Instagram Threads making weird recommendations?

Users raise concerns about Instagram’s Threads recommendations

Why is Instagram Threads making weird recommendations?

Borderline content surge

Users of Instagram’s Threads app might have noticed an uptick in borderline content recently, as acknowledged by Instagram Chief Adam Mosseri. The platform, which is just six months old, is grappling with the common issue of content discovery and engagement that tends to lean toward sensational and provocative material.

Social network challenge

This challenge is not new and has been a persistent problem across various social apps. In 2018, Meta Chief Mark Zuckerberg highlighted the difficulty of managing content consumption, emphasizing the inherent tendency of users to engage more with controversial content. This engagement phenomenon, according to Zuckerberg, poses a risk to public discourse quality and can contribute to polarization.

Zuckerberg’s approach

Zuckerberg suggested de-amplification as a solution, penalizing borderline content to reduce its distribution and engagement. The idea was to disincentivize the creation of provocative content close to the content guidelines.

Threads falling into a trap

Despite Meta’s experience in developing platform algorithms, Threads seems to be facing a similar challenge. The surge in borderline content on Threads may be attributed to its rapid growth or real-time system refinement. Threads, like other social networks, is navigating through the evolution process where controversial content gains more prominence due to increased user engagement.

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Enabling best user experience

The Threads team is actively working to enhance its algorithm to strike a balance between showing engaging and relevant content while minimizing the display of controversial material. Achieving this balance is intricate, as users tend to engage with borderline content even if they express a dislike for it. It’s an ongoing process of trial and error, assessing user reactions to different content types and refining the algorithm accordingly.

Adam Mosseri assures users that the platform is actively working to correct this content balance, aiming for a more enjoyable and engaging user experience.

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