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Instagram update to restrict sensitive content for teenagers in 2022

Here is everything you need to know about the new Instagram update!

instagram update

Instagram is a photo and video-sharing app used by individuals of all ages. While the platform has several measures in place to prevent young users from facing uncomfortable situations, it is not a completely foolproof system. The new Instagram update is a step in the direction of making the platform a safer place for all its users. Read on to learn more.

What is the new Instagram update?

Instagram will manually set all account holders below 16 to the restrictive exposure category. This category will ensure that its users will not come across sensitive content.

Instagram explained:

“Last December, we announced our commitment to building a safer search and discovery experience for teens on Instagram. Now, we’re defaulting new teens under 16 into the most restrictive setting (aka ‘Less’) of our ‘Sensitive Content Control’ on Instagram – which works to limit potentially sensitive content in Explore, Explore, Hashtag Pages, Reels, Feed Recommendations and Suggested Accounts.”

instagram update

Young users will not have to interact with content that is sensitive as their settings will be set on ‘Less’. Instagram has only two options for ‘Sensitive Content Control’, which are ‘Less’ and ‘Standard’. While it is possible to change the settings on the app, parents can ensure that their teens are safe by double-checking the sensitive control on their child’s app.

Is the Instagram update useful?

The new Instagram update is definitely a relief to anxious parents. The setting protects children from unwanted content and is very important in today’s time. While Instagram will only set it by default for new users, it will notify old users to change their sensitivity settings to ‘Less’.

instagram update

There have been multiple reports by medical professionals on the dangers of exposing young individuals to sensitive content. This option is, therefore, an essential update by Instagram to improve the environment it sets up for young minds. 

Other features on the app that improves its user environment

Instagram tries to implement several features that improve the interaction between its users and content. From features like ‘Take a Break’ to in-app features that direct you away from sensitive content, the platform is trying to be more user-friendly. Instagram updates the platform regularly for the same purpose.

The feature to set sensitivity control on the app is one of the best ways to control the things you see on your Explore, Search and other sections!

Go through your settings and set it to ‘Less’ for young users in your family and educate a friend on the Instagram update! 

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