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Kareena Kapoor’s Gorgeous Asoka Makeup Viral on TikTok Now 2024

TikTok’s Newest Make-Up Trend – Originated from Bollywood!

This week, millions of TikTok users are taking part in the viral “Asoka” makeup fad, which is reminiscent of Bollywood.

The fad is inspired by the 2001 Hindi film of the same name, and it features creators adorning themselves in Indian bridal hair, makeup, and clothes to the beat of one of the film’s songs. Creators from many cultural backgrounds are participating, with several receiving tens of millions of views and likes.

“Asoka,” starring Shah Rukh Khan and Kareena Kapoor Khan, is a fictionalized story about the ancient Mauryan monarch Ashoka the Great, who governed the Indian subcontinent in the third century BCE.

Kareena’s Olden Make-Up Makes a Comeback

The film depicts what appear to be old Indian methods of attire and makeup, such as heavy eyeliner and geometric patterns drawn on the face and body. Though modern Indian bridal clothing is not included in the film, the brilliant colors, strong eyes, dramatic makeup, and gold jewelry have become the key draws of the Asoka trend

How The TikTok Trend Goes …

TikTok producers employ transitions to document customizing their look while getting ready to the beat of “Asoka”‘s song “San Sanana.”

@lenie_aycardo Serving you my 2nd version of Asoka Makeup Trend. Darker,Bolder & Fiercer ✨ As you all requested! ♥️⚱️🙏🏻 (lb: @jharna bhagwani ♬ suara asli – Sita Suwarnadwipa

Some South Asian artisans have taken the Asoka trend a step further, reproducing not only trendy bridal ensembles but also classic ones seen in the film.

Some people mentioned they wanted to see more of that.

@aztinayy Leí cada una de sus menciones🥹🫶🏻 asique lo hice para ustedes🇮🇳🩷 Ib: @jharna bhagwani @ibra #makeup #maquillaje #trend #trending #hindi #asoka #asokamekup #asokatrend ♬ sonido original – Aztinay🪼

The Comments …

“I just want one person to do that Asoka transition trend with the actual makeup Kareena had in the film and not Asian bridal because as impressive as it is what is the correlation,” a viewer commented on X.

The trend’s global popularity is attracting more people to the original “Asoka” film by Kareena Kapoor, as evidenced by scores of fresh comments under the “San Sanana” video on YouTube.

“Who else is here because of TikTok makeup video?” said one comment, which has 39,000 likes. 

Some TikTok users from other parts of the world said this trend is their first exposure to Hindi music. Many shared a similar sentiment in the comments: they’re now Bollywood fans. 


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