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The Bratz-Doll Makeup Trend Is a Clear Celebrity Favorite – Here’s How You Can Achieve It

They’re getting all Bratz dolled up

The Newest Trend On The Market

More makeup enthusiasts are experimenting with the bratz makeup look consisting of flushed cheeks, bright highlights, and a complexion so smooth it appears airbrushed, a trend nicknamed “doll makeup.” The babyfaced look debuted on the runway and quickly spread to social media and the streets of New York.

Every year, the public goes crazy over a particular celebrity makeup look. In 2022, Madison Beer helped sell out the Nars and Charlotte Tilbury blushes she swore by. In 2023, it was Hailey Bieber and her glazed-doughnut routine. Now, in 2024, Sabrina Carpenter’s cosmetics look is set to dominate.

A Celebrity Favorite!

A fast TikTok search for “Sabrina Carpenter makeup” yields several videos of viewers dissecting the singer’s glam from every angle. Fans like the singer’s beauty moments, whether she’s trying to recreate her flawlessly flushed cheeks or her ethereal shine. Regardless of whether you like the catchy titles given to the various aesthetics on social media right now, there’s no denying that it looks eerily similar to that of a Bratz doll.

Gorgeous stars like singer Dove Cameron, rappers Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion, and actress Julia Fox have recently embraced the look — but it was erstwhile Disney kid Sabrina Carpenter, 24, who embodied girl-next-door elegance in her latest image for Skims’ spring lingerie ad.

The “Nonsense” singer can thank Dame Pat McGrath, the creator of doll makeup, for her now-signature Skims appearance. The acclaimed makeup artist and proprietor of Pat McGrath Labs debuted the “ultimate porcelain doll look” during Maison Margiela’s haute couture presentation in Paris, France earlier this year.

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The Secret Behind The Bratz Look

This glassy look has pencil-drawn micro-brows, strong eyeshadows, a burst of blush, and a pouty lip completed with a shining sheen.


“I’ve never seen a makeup look go so viral,” McGrath stated during her ticketed “Margiela Masterclass” for cosmetics artists. “Every member of my team’s phone blew up with the whole world asking what was on everybody’s face.”

Despite the dramatic concept, beauty enthusiasts are urged to use less makeup to produce a gently beat face that seems natural, clean, and supple.

Jaymes, who has worked in the beauty industry for over a decade, has used several versions of the popular track on influencers and models such as Haley Kalil and Samantha Brown.

“I use a sufficient amount of powder to maintain my customers’ makeup for a longer period… “By applying a luminous blush, glowing balm, or cream blush to the cheeks, it elevates it to that glass skin, fresh doll-like look while still holding in place,” she said.

Jaymes’ contributions to the trend are part of the tens of thousands of posts from sweet-faced fashionistas online touting the #dollmakeup trend as self-proclaimed MUAs mimic their favorite doll faces, taking inspiration from Bratz and Barbie dolls to porcelain and China dolls.

How to Achieve The Bratz-Doll Makeup

“Bratz-doll makeup is very heavily inspired by the Y2K aesthetic,” says makeup artist Jonet Williamson.. The look’s standout features include a cut crease, overdrawn lips, and long, flirtatious lashes, but you don’t have to wear them all at once. However, there is one unbreakable rule when it comes to Bratz doll makeup. “To nail this look, you have to have pencil-thin arched eyebrows,” Williamson said. “Think Pamela Anderson-in-the-’90s thin.” If the notion of going back to pencil brows sends shivers down your spine, don’t worry—there are lots of techniques to achieve the appearance without touching your genuine brow hairs.

People enjoy a good nostalgic beauty moment, as evidenced by the adoration that “Barbie” received, so don’t be surprised if you start seeing the look all over your social feeds. If you want to get a head start on your own Bratz-doll glitz, Williamson has some suggestions.

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“To get the look, I would suggest using cream eyeshadow on the lid to perfect that cut crease,” she goes on to say. “You can slightly blank out your brows with concealer if you don’t want to alter your natural brow shade or shape, then redraw them on to get that really thin effect.” After finishing the remainder of your makeup, give your lips the appearance of a lush, doll-like pout.

Bratz-doll makeup is an excellent method to experiment with your style, whether you want to renew your beauty regimen or achieve that Sabrina Carpenter look. In any case, with these techniques, we guarantee you’ll be the focal point of whatever room you enter, exactly like the original girl gang from the 2000s.

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