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KSI calls Floyd Mayweather out on his YouTube after reviewing the Mayweather & Deji fight 2022

YouTuber KSI fuming on YouTube after reviewing the Mayweather VS Deji fight telling viewers Mayweather was “disrespectful.”

YouTuber KSI reviews the Mayweather-Deji fight

YouTube is the place for everyone to voice their opinions, share personal stories, upload pranks, travel vlogs, and more all through video content. One influencer, content creator, and now a professional boxer, KSI, recently uploaded a review on the Floyd Mayweather and Deji fight with some interesting things to say.

Mayweather VS Deji

In November this year, Floyd Mayweather and YouTuber Deji went face to face in the ring. After the crowd had waited hours for the fight to start, both fighters entered the ring, spudded gloves, and gave the audience what they wanted – a fight. However, you could see that throughout each round it was Floyd who once again toyed with his opponent just like he did Don Moore, teasing, dancing, and even taking the card from the ring girl, mimicking their actions. While Mayweather enjoyed himself, it was Deji who took time during each break of the rounds to re-energise and focus on the fight. At the end of the fight, it was Deji who lost the battle after the referee put it to an end, fearing for Deji’s health.

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KSI YouTube Review

In the 18-minute-long YouTube video, KSI talks about his brother Deji telling viewers he could be the best fighter in YouTube history and that he asked Deji why he wanted to fight the G.O.A.T. KSI continued to talk about wanting to fight Mayweather himself as Floyd was “having too much fun” whilst in the ring with his brother and told his subscribers “it was borderline disrespectful.”

Although KSI said he was proud of his brother Deji, he also said “I know he can do more” and told everyone “I would be able to beat Floyd Mayweather.”

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